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Spaghetti Squash

Spaghetti squash is a winter squash that takes its name from the long, noodle-shaped strands its flesh resembles once cooked. You can either roast spaghetti squash in the oven or zap it in a microwave to cook it. ... READ MORE

Mail Order ‘Cue

Just the thing for a special present, or to satisfy your own cravings for ‘cue: mail-order barbecue! ... READ MORE

Disappointment in Lexington, Triumph in Roanoke

Sometimes a burger in a food court outclasses pricey New American Cuisine in a pretentious bistro. READ MORE

Absinthe Will Get You in Trouble

Absinthe has a pretty elaborate set-up, which is part of the fun. The fact that real absinthe is illegal is beside the point. READ MORE

Cold Drippy Sweet

Celebrate the last sundae of the season. READ MORE

McMorning Now to Span Length of Entire McDay

In an announcement sure to be ignored by purveyors and consumers of fine food everywhere, McDonald’s has announced that it may soon offer its breakfast menu all day long. READ MORE

Build Your Own Burrito Bar

Bring your local taqueria home, dress it up, and throw it a party. READ MORE

Can Super Marketing Save the Grocery Store?

The New York Times takes a look at traditional supermarkets, which, despite embracing technology, are losing ground to upstart rivals. READ MORE

Got Meat?

Want to know where your steak’s coming from? Buy it at the source, says today’s San Francisco Chronicle in an article about the rising numbers of consumers going straight to the farm to get their meat. READ MORE

America’s Next Top Wino

Striking the gastronomic reality show iron while it’s hot, PBS has gathered 12 purple-lipped contestants who will compete for the opportunity to create and uncork their own wine labels. READ MORE