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Teddie Peanut Butter

Teddie peanut butter is made in Everett, Ma., and is a hometown favorite in the Boston area. It’s a fresh, clean-tasting peanut butter. ... READ MORE

Okra Ideas

piccola oven roasts okra pods whole, in two different ways: either sprayed with oil and seasoned with salt and pepper; or dipped in egg and coated in breadcrumbs. They’re a great side with sandwiches, or wherever you’d serve fries. ... READ MORE

Save Those Papaya Seeds!

The seeds of ripe papayas have a peppery flavor, and are nice to toss into a salad dressing. Cheese Boy dries them and mixes them with peppercorns. ... READ MORE

Ephron Eaten for Breakfast

Users of eGullet had a snarky field day with Nora Ephron’s kvetchy New York Times op-ed that ran a few weeks ago, ruthlessly mocking her call for salt on the table, free tap water, and dessert spoons. READ MORE

Sounds Like Rachael Ray

Coming soon to a boom box or cell phone near you, RACHAEL RAY! READ MORE

Seeing Red

San Francisco gets its own Michelin restaurant guide, and just about everyone’s got an opinion about who’s in and who’s out. READ MORE

Let Them Drink Shiraz

This month’s Food & Wine has a fascinating fly-on-the-wall story about a Shanghai dinner party, called “The Toast of China,” that makes a couple of pungent points about wine, wealth, and Westernization. READ MORE

Not Just for Taco Seasoning Anymore

Cumin gets white tablecloth treatment. READ MORE

The Weight of Water

We have oenophiles, tea experts, and coffee aficionados, so it was just a matter of time before someone started sniffing drinking fountains. READ MORE

Is It Wrong to Play with Your Food?

It's a matter of respect, for your food and your company. READ MORE