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Little La Buca

With Briganti, South Pasadena gets a little taste of La Buca without venturing down to Melrose. Briganti is a child of the same owners as La Buca, though the newer place is actually more upscale. Mama, however, is not in the kitchen at Briganti. Still READ MORE

Low and Slow Ribs in the Oven

Chowhounds agree that the best way to cook super-tender ribs without a grill or smoker is to do them low and slow in the oven, covered or wrapped in foil. TorontoJo cooks hers at 250F for 4-5 hours, while groover8 finds that 3 hours at 300F does the j READ MORE

Ideas for Pistachios

Toast them and add to couscous with some golden raisins. Grind them and use as coating for sauteed fish. Chop finely, use to coat the outside of goat cheese, and serve on top of figs (HillJ). ... READ MORE

What Gumbo Is

Gumbo is a soupy, stewy dish that’s a mainstay of Creole and Cajun cuisine. “Gumbo” is an African word for okra, and most gumbos use it for flavor and as a thickener for the stock. File powder (powdered sassafras leaves) is used to thicken too. ... READ MORE

Lentil Shortage

If Indian lentils are your choice, you’ve probably already noticed that they’re in short supply and the price has increased significantly. India has placed a ban on their exportation in an effort to stabilize the economy there. ... READ MORE

When Booze Won’t Do

There are times when alcohol is just not welcome or appropriate. Ten drinks stand in for the tipple. READ MORE

What Kind of Potato Chips Goes with Vanilla-Flavored Bourbon Ale?

Miller and Anheuser-Busch try to compete with craft brewers by rolling out their own flavored holiday beers. READ MORE


The second annual Vendy Awards brought together a few hundred hungry people and four outstanding street vendor carts in New York last night. READ MORE

Melba’s: Soul-Satisfying Short Ribs in Harlem

The must order at Melba’s is beef short ribs, braised in wine and served over a cake of cheddar grits. It’s comforting, deeply delicious stuff, says Ora. Other dishes are up and down. Among the ups, says Uptownflavor, is Tres Macaroni and Cheese, made READ MORE

Banh Mi Rundown

A rundown on some of the best Vietnamese sandwiches in town: P. Punko’s favorite banh mi is at Cam Huong in Oakland. They serve flavorful pork and crunchy pickles on warm, crusty bread, with Japanese mayonnaise. Melanie Wong especially likes their READ MORE