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Capers in the Kitchen

Capers are great for mashing into cream cheese to make a bagel schmear, especially with salmon and dill, says MuppetGirl. Indeed, they’re often part of a brunch spread with smoked salmon or lox, red onions, cucumbers, and bagels or black bread. ... READ MORE

Lobster Lifespan Out of the Tank

Most people buy lobsters and cook them the same day, but it’s possible to keep the critters alive, if not quite kicking, for 24 to 36 hours after they’ve left the store’s tank. Simply keep them in the heavy-duty paper bag your fishmonger packaged them in, READ MORE

Care and Feeding of Unpasteurized Cider

Many Chowhounds buy unpasteurized cider, both for the sake of being close to nature and for the beautiful fermentation that happens in the fridge after about three weeks. The natural yeasts in the cider go to work, and it gets slightly fizzy and ferment-y READ MORE

Textured Vegetable Protein

Textured vegetable protein, also known as textured soy protein and commonly abbreviated TVP or TSP, doesn’t sound, look, or taste very appealing. But, like most carbon-based items, it has its uses in the kitchen. As the name hints, TVP can add texture to READ MORE

Fight the Powerade

Novelist and overextended soccer-dad Harlan Coben says enough with the organized snacks, already! READ MORE

100 Pounds of Leftovers

A meat-and-potatoes guy tries to save money by buying an entire side of beef. READ MORE

Flying Feasts for the Elite

So, if the astronauts get Alain Ducasse and Emeril Lagasse, what do we pathetic earthlings get? READ MORE

Going Global, Eating Local

Californians munch their way through the biannual Slow Food Terra Madre conference in Turin, where the pig fat’s tasty but the meatballs are MIA. READ MORE

If You Can’t Beat Them …

What do the nutritionists, dentists, and other health advocates pass out on Halloween night? Inquiring minds (and the L. A. Times) want to know. READ MORE

Items You Will Never Need

If only there were a battery-powered column reader to do this for you. READ MORE