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Fight the Powerade

Novelist and overextended soccer-dad Harlan Coben says enough with the organized snacks, already! READ MORE

100 Pounds of Leftovers

A meat-and-potatoes guy tries to save money by buying an entire side of beef. READ MORE

Flying Feasts for the Elite

So, if the astronauts get Alain Ducasse and Emeril Lagasse, what do we pathetic earthlings get? READ MORE

Going Global, Eating Local

Californians munch their way through the biannual Slow Food Terra Madre conference in Turin, where the pig fat’s tasty but the meatballs are MIA. READ MORE

If You Can’t Beat Them …

What do the nutritionists, dentists, and other health advocates pass out on Halloween night? Inquiring minds (and the L. A. Times) want to know. READ MORE

Items You Will Never Need

If only there were a battery-powered column reader to do this for you. READ MORE

Crushed Out

CHOW visits Napa winery Clos Du Val and learns how wine is made. READ MORE

Discoveries in a Chow-Free Zone: Burbank

Das Ubergeek has finally found something worth eating in southeast Burbank–and it’s in a liquor store. Inside this liquor store is a counter, and behind the counter is a man named Olvis, who’s long worked at Fish King, the excellent fish market in READ MORE

Pho Hanoi

ahong likes Pho Hanoi for its mild but delicious pho. Their pho is different from most restaurant pho in the area; the flavors of clove and anise are much less intense, and the broth has the rich mildness of boiled bones. The place is little-known outsi READ MORE

Continental Breakfast in Sonoma

For coffee and pastries in Sonoma, check out Artisan Bakers, the most chowish of the Sonoma bakeries, says Sam B. You’ll find real fruit in the Danish, good quality chocolate in the pain au chocolat, and strong, good coffee. The only place in town to or READ MORE