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Pickled Jalapenos

Pickled jalapenos find their way into plenty of dishes, as both a condiment and an ingredient. Hounds like them on hamburgers, hot dogs, and pizza, in grilled cheese sandwiches, in tuna salad, in cornbread, tossed with Caesar salad, and baked into cornbre READ MORE

Rich Vanilla Ice Cream

adamclyde shares his recipee for vanilla ice cream, which he says is simple and very, very good. Davwud tried it out, and tells us Adam’s not exaggerating one little bit; this stuff is rich and luscious. ... READ MORE

Sources for Leaf Lard

Leaf lard is the premium type of lard for making deliciously rich pastry. It’s collected from around the hog’s kidneys and is very fine indeed. It’s not easy to find, but here are two sources where it may be ordered in small quantities or by the pound: .. READ MORE

Cereal: Avoiding the Sog Factor

Try some of these dry cereals that are said to withstand some soaking in milk without losing their crunch: Quaker Oatmeal Squares, says Pei. They’ll take forever to get soggy and they’re big enough for snacks, like tiny cookies or crackers. ... READ MORE

Scoop de Grâce

Rachael Ray tries to out-Manilow Martha and gets her hand publicly slapped by the Queen of Quiches herself. READ MORE

At the Press of a Button

Will it blend? Ask the folks at Blendtec, where they’ve produced several videos to show what you can do with their marvelous machines. READ MORE

‘wichcraft Trials

Many months later, the S.F. outpost of sandwich joint ‘wichcraft is finally open, and “The Harold” is now eatable by fans of Top Chef, as well as the general public. READ MORE

Whiskey Primer

Watch out for the revenuers. READ MORE

The Return of Moopheus

Timed to coincide with the movie version of Fast Food Nation, Sustainable Table releases a new episode of The Meatrix. READ MORE

How to Eat More

Big meal coming up? Strategy is required. READ MORE