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Drosselmeyer Nutcracker

Fresh nuts made comfy. READ MORE

Four Chicken Soups, from New World and Old

Just what the doctor ordered: the knockout Mexican chicken soup at El Maguey y La Tuna. It’s a bowl of deeply flavorful, slightly spicy broth with a huge chicken leg in it. “This soup could kick the crap out of a seasonal flu (or a can of Campbell’s),” de READ MORE

Pithari: Greek Grill Mastery in Highland Park, NJ

Nicely char-grilled souvlaki is a smart choice at Pithari, a new taverna opened by the owners of Athens Corner Inn, a Greek grocery next door. Lamb gyro and lamb cubes–served in platters with tzatziki, pitas, fries, onion, lettuce, and tomato–are both READ MORE

Turkey Stock

If you’re planning on preparing dishes for Thanksgiving that call for turkey stock, you’re in a bit of a spot. First, you kind of need a turkey carcass to make stock with, and your Thanksgiving turkey won’t qualify as a “carcass” until after the fact. Luc READ MORE

Trattoria Buon Gusto

Melanie Wong pitches Trattoria Buon Gusto to her friends as “non-challenging Italian comfort food.” The warm atmosphere of this family-run Sicilian restaurant is backed up by the excellent and, indeed, very comforting food. Arancini are a house specialt READ MORE

Tail to Tongue Eating

Oxtail (or more likely, beef tail) is kind of an exotic meat from the American standpoint, but in its intense flavor and slightly gelatinous texture, it’s a lot like short ribs. Around L.A., you can find versions from many cultures. ... READ MORE

Flat-Topped Cake Layers

When layer cakes bake they dome in the middle because, as the pan heats, the batter near the edges of the pan cooks faster than the batter in the middle. Domed cakes aren’t conducive to stacking and icing when you’re constructing a multi-layered confectio READ MORE

Ravioli Filled with Egg Yolk

It’s a giant raviolo–two large squares of fresh pasta enclosing a whole egg yolk, some Parmesan cheese, and shaved truffle. It’s cooked delicately so that when you cut into the cooked pasta, all the rich yolk oozes out and makes a sauce. But what’s the READ MORE

Fall Cocktails

Chowhounds offer up recipes for cocktails with autumnal flavors: jpschust recommends Woodford bourbon for the Maple Leaf… READ MORE

160,000 Ways to Use Your Leftovers

rworange is delighted by the possibilities inherent in the Leftovers Wizard. You enter in the ingredients you have left over, and the database pulls up any recipes that use your items. ... READ MORE