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Ohzi Al-sham at Ali Baba’s Cave

At the Valencia Street branch of Ali Baba’s Cave, you can get a dish called Ohzi Al-sham. It’s a baked filo pastry, about five inches in diameter and three inches deep, weighing about a pound. Inside you’ll find lamb, pine nuts, basmati rice, almonds, and READ MORE

La Bodeguita del Medio

David Sloo has been going to La Bodeguita del Medio for a decade, and the quality of the food has been variable. However, he thinks that they’ve hit their stride, and he can now recommend the place for the excellent food… READ MORE

Spicy, Sturdy Soups at 51st and Broadway

A soup vendor at 51st and Broadway turns up the heat two ways, dishing up warming and spicy meals for the Midtown lunch crowd. Pea soup and chicken gumbo deliver deliciousness and a vigorous chile kick. Lobster-crab bisque is another winner–deep, rich, READ MORE

Where Does Your Thanksgiving Come From?

Thanksgiving is coming, and proponents of eating locally want us to think about where our turkeys (and cranberries and mashed potatoes) are coming from—or, even better, join in the campaign to celebrate a 100-Mile Thanksgiving. READ MORE

Off-Season Chow from the Vendors of Red Hook

As the season closes at the Red Hook sports fields, home to the famous weekend feast of Latin American street bites, fretful fans wonder where their next baleadas or barbacoa taco is coming from. Not to worry: At least two of the Red Hook vendors spend th READ MORE

With Mr. Tsuji, You Might Never Buy Teriyaki Sauce Again

“Darn, I feel like a fool,” sighs pilinut. “I spent years (and good money) buying bottles of prepared teriyaki and sukiyaki sauce, when all I needed to do was open my copy of Shizuo Tsuji’s <a href=” READ MORE

Elemental Dessert of Oranges and Red Wine Syrup

When every bit of their bitter pith is removed, oranges become surprisingly delicate and even luxurious, says frenetica. She tops oranges with spiced red wine syrup for a dessert that’s not cloying or heavy. ... READ MORE

Enstrom’s Almond Toffee

Enstrom’s Toffee is a holiday and year-round favorite. It’s a made from the simplest of recipes: it’s nothing but sugar, milk, chocolate and almonds. This delicious treat is now available sugar free, in both the dark and milk chocolate. ... READ MORE

White Truffles

Late fall to midwinter is the season for white truffles, a truly lovely extravagance. Luckily, it doesn’t take much of this amazing fungus to transform a dish. No need to peel them; just brush off any surface debris and shave. ... READ MORE

Armed and Fougerous

Warning: That cheese in your luggage might explode at any moment. READ MORE