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Ravioli Filled with Egg Yolk

It’s a giant raviolo–two large squares of fresh pasta enclosing a whole egg yolk, some Parmesan cheese, and shaved truffle. It’s cooked delicately so that when you cut into the cooked pasta, all the rich yolk oozes out and makes a sauce. But what’s the READ MORE

Fall Cocktails

Chowhounds offer up recipes for cocktails with autumnal flavors: jpschust recommends Woodford bourbon for the Maple Leaf… READ MORE

160,000 Ways to Use Your Leftovers

rworange is delighted by the possibilities inherent in the Leftovers Wizard. You enter in the ingredients you have left over, and the database pulls up any recipes that use your items. ... READ MORE

Don’t Leave Home Without It

Wherever you roam, don’t forget to check Chocomap first. READ MORE


Jones Soda is once again daring people to drink their holiday-themed pops. Turkey-and-gravy soda, anyone? READ MORE

Notch Up-Kicking Hits New High-Water Mark

Emeril Lagasse obtained a whiff of much-needed publicity in this month’s National Culinary Review. It seems the darling of the indie food scene cooked up a little something for NASA astronauts. READ MORE

RSVP Endurance Mojito Muddler

Muddle me this, Batman. READ MORE

Old but Not Lethal

Why raw eggs in aged eggnog won't make you sick READ MORE

Universal Meat Chopper

Better living through sausage-ry. READ MORE

Wine Whiner

Is it OK to send vino back if you hate it? READ MORE