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Plantains, a.k.a. “the cooking banana,” are a savory tropical treat. They’re starchy and only mildly sweet when they’re fully ripe. A properly ripe plantain will look ready for the trash, because it’ll be completely black. ... READ MORE

The Opposite of Tampopo

Trying to shed some Thanksgiving pounds? These seven documentaries will put you off your feed. READ MORE


The Food Network’s new reality show throws obstacles in the way of good cooking. READ MORE

Stay Trendy in 2006

Slashfood has a nice rundown on forecasted food trends for 2006. Seems we’re all into something called “personal wellness.” READ MORE

Hunkering Down with a Bit of Comfort

December is drawing near, and most of us are watching the temperatures drop. The time is right for cozy, warming dishes, and two bloggers have got it covered. This month they hosted a recipe roundup for Comfort Foods. READ MORE

Turkey Trauma

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: Stories from the Butterball Hotline. READ MORE

Eat Local? In Cleveland? In Winter? Ha!

Is it only for Californians? Michael Ruhlman responds to Kim Severson’s New York Times piece about the increasing demand for locally grown food. READ MORE

Black Fades to Black

Hipper-than-thou waiter attire is replaced by humble aprons. READ MORE

Fast Food’s Far-Reaching Tentacles

In a bid to control emerging fast-food markets abroad, U.S. restaurant chains are busting out menu innovations like octopus-topped wasabi-and-salmon pizza and tandoori chicken sandwiches. What are we ‘Mericans, chopped liver? READ MORE

Gifting 2006: New York Reprazent!

New York magazine is frontin’ chocolate and pork for this year’s foodie-friendly holiday gifts. READ MORE