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Riddle Me This, Batman

Can a stone-cold beer lover be happy among all the bubbly drinkers on New Year’s Eve? He can if he gets his mitts on a new brew made using méthode champenoise. READ MORE

Good Feats

Alton Brown shows what a class act he is by supporting a charity that provides animals to the needy. READ MORE

Christmas Dinner at the Pole

The feast of the season will consist of a mere tablespoon of vodka and a small piece of fudge each for two New Zealanders on an unaided trekking expedition to the South Pole. READ MORE

The Bread and Butter of Food Sales

According to a new report, sandwiches make up a full 25 percent of American food-service sales. What is it about the filling-between-two-carbs configuration that keeps us so hungry for more? READ MORE

Grocery Chains Create Celebri-tillers

Local farmers are getting star treatment by major food retailers these days, and we’re not just talking Whole Foods: Regional grocery chains and even Wal-Mart are jumping at the chance to court the growing buy-local movement, BusinessWeek reports. READ MORE

Neto Caffe

Neto Caffe’s additive-free yummies, with no coconut oil or shortening or anything unpleasant, stand up to repeated tastings. READ MORE

Seafood Rice Baked in a Coconut – Late Night Cuisine

Denny’s Cafe is a Hong Kong-style coffee shop featuring sil yeh, late-night eats. READ MORE

Stollen: The Taste of Christmas

Christmastime means stollen to a lot of people, and Emil’s Swiss Pastry makes far and away the best, says Paliman. READ MORE

Butai: Underappreciated Japanese Grill in Gramercy

Butai is not what it appears. Belying its modern, bilevel space, it specializes in traditional robata-style grilled dishes. READ MORE

Favela Grill: Fresh, Satisfying Brazilian Chow in Astoria

At Favela Grill, a promising new Brazilian place in Astoria, don’t overlook the weekday specials. READ MORE