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Enough Cilantro to Choke a Cow

Thinly sliced beef hearts, marinated in vinegar with garlic and chiles, are delicious, and hardly gamy at all, says Chubbypanda. Texture-wise, it’s almost like biting into a slice of filet–a very tender and yet slightly crunchy filet. READ MORE

Chicken Stock Safety

Conventional wisdom says it’s okay to keep chicken stock in the fridge for quite a while if you bring it to a boil every couple of days, but that’s probably not best, in terms of food safety. READ MORE

Old Bay Beyond the Seafood Counter

Old Bay seasoning is classically used in crab cakes and for steaming shrimp, and it lends itself to lots of seafood preps, but chowhounds love it in nearly everything savory. READ MORE

Wine Headaches

Get lots of wine headaches? There may be other causes, besides hangovers. Possible culprits include tannins, sulfites, and histimines. READ MORE

The Grand Peanut Butter Survey

The peanut butter that seems to inspire the most fanatical enthusiasm and energy is Teddie’s. This is sort of a New England secret–it’s made in Boston, there are no advertisements for it, and it is absolutely delicious. READ MORE

Portland’s Greek Pizza Sleeper, Plus Stealth Somali

Sometimes the biggest finds are obvious places that are undervalued by locals. No one in Portland doesn’t know Bill’s Pizza (177 Commercial St., Portland, Maine; 207-774-6166). But no one in Portland seems to fully recognize the majesty of their pies. READ MORE

Putting the Party on Ice

Food & Wine’s blurb and photograph about decorative ice cubes might provoke a certain amount of initial scoffing. READ MORE

… But the Beer Is Quite Delightful

Winter’s about to toughen up. And if that’s the case, we need calories. And what better way to gain weight and celebrate winter than drinking winter beers? READ MORE

Etiquette Reform School

Can I give my seriously rude friend a talking to, or is that just rude? READ MORE

Inventor of Top Ramen Dies

College students everywhere, open your seasoning packets and bow your heads: The inventor of instant ramen has gone to the great noodle-cup in the sky. READ MORE