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Simmer, Don’t Shiver

January has finally brought a real chill to lots of the country, and newspapers are breaking out the warming winter-soup recipes. READ MORE

Mmmm, More Stamps, Please!

Just in time for the arrival of the Year of the Pig, China introduces a scratch-’n’-lick stamp. READ MORE

You’re Mispronouncing “Achatz”

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A cheat sheet on the topic of molecular gastronomy. WATCH THE VIDEO

Well-Heeled Wines

Puglian wines get a much-needed lesson in New World marketing. READ MORE

Belfast and Up North to Down East

Virginia may be for lovers, but Maine is for cookie lovers. I haven’t had a bad cookie since I entered the state, and, sure enough, the ones at Weaver’s Bakery (101 Main Street, Belfast, Maine; 207-338-3540) were charming. READ MORE

Coke and Peanuts!

Coke and peanuts has been a southern treat for decades. RC Cola was used for this snack in a bottle too. READ MORE

Hot Pot at Zone 88

The hot pot at Zone 88 is beloved by all. One of the big draws is the variety of broths available, like duck with beer, or spicy rabbit. READ MORE

Nice Chickens

jhleung loves the Hainan chicken rice at ABC Bakery in Chinatown. For $6.50, you get delicious flavored rice, a quarter free-range “yellow fur” chicken, and soup. READ MORE

Catch of the Day: Superior Trout at Brooklyn’s Damis

Damis’ trout is dusted in flour, quick fried in butter and lemon, dressed with lemon-dill sauce; this is one outstanding plate of fish. READ MORE

Ennio and Michael Revisited: Solid Italian in the Village

Greenwich Village fixture Ennio and Michael gets scant attention from chowhounds, but it has a loyal retinue of regulars, and dkstar1 can see why. READ MORE