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Cooking with Pumpkin Seeds

Add pumpkin seeds to chocolate chip cookies, grind them and mix into yogurt, toast and use to garnish pumpkin soup, use them to coat soft cheeses for a new wave cheeseball. READ MORE

Spicy Oils

It’s easy to add spicy heat to your cooking with oils infused with various chilis. READ MORE

“Dusty” Grapes

Red grapes often have a whitish film on them. Don’t worry that it’s insecticide residue; in fact, it’s the opposite. READ MORE

Growing Flavor

Promoting biodiversity over massive corn-and-soy subsidies isn’t just good for the earth, says chef Dan Barber. It’s good for the palate, too. READ MORE

But Bacon Is Good!

The New Yorker takes on the history of vegetarianism. READ MORE

A Trip to Goa, Without a Clue

Bon Appétit’s new feature on Goa manages to pay homage to just about every cliché of the “lifestyle magazine goes somewhere ‘exotic’” format of food writing. READ MORE

Pour Some Sugar on Me

The line between what we put in our bodies and what we put on our bodies continues to be muddied. READ MORE

Oh, My Darling Clementine

Cook’s Country provides an oddly compelling collection of tasting notes on everything citrus, ranging from the semi-exotic Ugli Fruit to workaday Persian limes. READ MORE

Crossing the Mars Bar

Some difference of opinion about Saddam’s last meal and more about death-row food requests. READ MORE

Halal à Go-Go

Chain and fast-food restaurants from McDonald’s to Subway are customizing their menus to target a new kind of customer: Islamic individuals looking for a meal on the go. READ MORE