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Say Aloha at the Bar

When you want Hawaiian-style cocktails, but aren’t in the mood for sweet slushy fruit-based drinks, try out these libations. READ MORE

Organ Meat

Some folks think offal is icky, but remember–foie gras is technically an innard. READ MORE

A Nutty Snack

Sahale Snacks makes a great healthy snack, says AndrewCIrving. The snacks are a blend of nuts and dried fruits with interesting flavorings, like harissa and chipotle. READ MORE

Fast Times for Local Fare

Salon asks: As foodservice giants jump on the eat-local bandwagon, will they dilute the movement’s potential benefits to the environment, family farmers, and food lovers? READ MORE

“Top Chef”: Cooking Up Controversy

The Top Chef conspiracy theories are flying. READ MORE

In Trouble Again, Naturally

Wal-Mart’s organics program hits a snag in Wisconsin, where the retailer learns the hard way that “natural” and “organic” don’t mean the same thing. READ MORE

Vietnamese Building Blocks

Stepping "Into the Vietnamese Kitchen." READ MORE

Bacon in a Glass

CHOW's guide to smoked beers: rich, toasty-tasting ales that are made with malt smoked prior to brewing. READ MORE

Sausage Factory

Swine wranglers in Sonoma, California, get hit with an animal-rights lawsuit over use of cages that confine pregnant and nursing sows. READ MORE

Size Matters

In the UK, a Burger King commercial is nearly banned for inciting men to gluttony. Instead, it’s banned because the burgers it shows are a lot bigger than the ones BK actually serves. READ MORE