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Life Ain’t Nothing but Cupcakes and Tofu

Vegan cupcake baker (and tattooed punk rock enthusiast) Isa Chandra Moskowitz rises to the top of the New York Times’ hot list. READ MORE

French-Fried Nirvana

CHOW reviews two great pieces of deep-frying equipment for the home chef. READ MORE


Road-Food Rocker

Franz Ferdinand frontman Alex Kapranos discusses _Sound Bites,_ his collection of essays about eating on tour. READ MORE

This Is How We Eat in the O.C., Bitch!

The O.C. is canceled, so executive producer McG decides to take over the show’s iconic restaurant, the Arches. READ MORE

Burmese at Mandalay Restaurant

Mandalay Restaurant is a Burmese restaurant a few blocks from Burma Super Star, but without a line to get in. READ MORE

Pollo a la Brasa and Peruvian Doughnuts

Lillian Hsu is grateful to Inkas Restaurant for providing her with a lovely introduction to Peruvian food. READ MORE

N Love with Westport’s Ndulgence La Patisserie

Ndulgence is a welcome newcomer in Westport, especially now that the good bakeries in town seem to be dying off. Go for fruit tarts, buttery sugar cookies and linzers, or light, eggy rolls, suggests ClippyZ. READ MORE

Around New York, Steak Plus Sizzle in a Sandwich

If there’s a better steak sandwich in New York City than the one at Pastis, nychowgirl hasn’t heard about it. READ MORE

Argentinean Hot Pockets

There’s a new place with killer empanadas, says TasteLA. The husband is Argentinean, wife is Mexican and the deals are hot. READ MORE

Hounds’ Showdown Over Favorite Soup Dumplings

J&J keeps a pretty low profile, but it’s been getting a ton of good PR on the boards lately. READ MORE