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Say No to NaCl

It’s Salt Awareness Week; do you know where your shaker is? READ MORE

Time to Cut the Baby?

In the impressive-but-unappetizing category is an award-winning cake from British cake designer Michelle Wibowo. I’m sure it tasted fine, but who wants to eat a cake in the shape of a newborn baby? READ MORE

The Great Atherton Wine Caper

The New York Times has filed a humdinger of a story about the theft of roughly $100,000 worth of wine in California. READ MORE

Magnetic Fields

Induction cooktops cook hot, stay cool. READ MORE

The Spice That Binds

A vanilla primer. READ MORE

Top Chef, According to Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain redeemed Top Chef for me with his funny, tell-it-like-it-is assessment of the Top Chef contestants. Not only do I love the show again, but I love Anthony Bourdain. READ MORE

Abuzz About Honey

It’s hard not to like honey, and a couple of food bloggers have fallen hard for the golden sweet stuff recently. January, it seems, was all about honey. READ MORE

Organic Food: It’ll Kill Ya

“Warning: Consuming organic foods could be hazardous to your health,” trumpets a fascinating special report from Eating Well magazine, which skeptically examines arguments usually leveled against conventional agriculture. READ MORE

Behind the Scenes at Alinea

A step-by-step journey into Alinea, one of the most talked-about kitchens in America. READ MORE

Chaat Spots

Chaat, tasty Indian snacks, of excellent quality can be had from several establishments around town. READ MORE