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Severino’s Community Butcher

The Mountain View farmers’ market has a lot going for it–great prices, huge selection, good hours. READ MORE

Cubano Find at Long Island City’s New Thompson Diner

jaw2 clues us in to an excellent Cuban sandwich in Long Island City. READ MORE

In the East Village, Zabb Thai Hits Its Stride

Zabb City, the newish Manhattan outpost of a Thai favorite in Queens, has been on probation. READ MORE

Catch of the Day: Scallops Fresh from the Bay at Cor-J

Peconic Bay scallops are back in season, and there’s no better place to score some than Cor-J out in Hampton Bays. READ MORE


Celeriac, or celery root, is at its peak in wintertime. READ MORE

Wimpy Jalapenos

Don’t think that just because you’ve got some jalapenos, that you’re guaranteed some heat. READ MORE

Dry Vermouth: Pantry Staple

Need a splash of white wine for your recipe, but don’t want to crack a whole bottle? READ MORE

Tail-On Shrimp

It’s not unusual, even in a sauteed dish, to see shrimp served with the last bit of shell remaining on the tail segment. READ MORE

Break Out the TV Trays

Super Bowl Sunday has arrived. Crack open a beer and some chips and celebrate. READ MORE

Ethnic Is the New Organic

Farmers stand to gain from the growing demand for multi-culti produce, the AP reports. And, in fact, “ethnic” veggies like bok choy and cilantro could prove even more profitable than organics. READ MORE