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Pork Burger Pigout

Obsessed with pork burgers, ipsedixit has been frequenting Wood Spoon when the need for a fix comes on. READ MORE

Little Fish with Big Power in the Kitchen

Anchovies can enrich the taste of dishes without announcing themselves. READ MORE

Taking the Bite Out of Raw Onions

Soaking raw onions in cold water for 10 to 30 minutes before incorporating them into a dish takes away some of their bite. READ MORE


Congee or jook is an Asian preparation of rice boiled in water or broth until it cooks down to a porridge-like consistency. READ MORE

Kudzu Problem? Eat it!

Kudzu, the fast-growing plant that’s the scourge of the countryside, has been a popular source of food in Japan for thousands of years. READ MORE

It’s the Cheesiest

Salon sharpens its talons and goes after li’l ol’ Annie’s macaroni and cheese. Seems like it’s as nutritionally bereft as that other company’s mac dinner. Who’da thunk it? READ MORE

When the Meth Just Doesn’t Work

Most of us don’t rely on white powder to help us do our job, but food blogger and restaurant chef Haddock did at a recent wine festival. Wonder what the street price is for methocel. READ MORE

Valentine’s Day: Love and Hate

One Valentine's Day menu for the lovers, one for the haters. READ MORE


Two new British inventions ensure perfect eggs. READ MORE

Savory Cooking with Maple Syrup

Maple syrup and balsamic vinegar complement each other well in salad dressings, and a slug of maple syrup can liven up a store-bought balsamic vinaigrette. READ MORE