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Bad News for the Chapati Dude

The good old Beeb reports that an estimated 300,000 street-food vendors in Delhi may have to shut down in the face of a court order. READ MORE

Snickers “Kiss” Ad Canned

On Tuesday the maker of Snickers said it would discontinue its latest ad, responding to complaints by gay-rights organizations that the commercial was homophobic. READ MORE

What’s in Your Junk Drawer?

What kitchen implement could you do without? READ MORE

Montreal: The Chowhound’s Promised Land

I intend to finish off this leg of the tour with several days in Montreal, one of the world’s best food cities. Here’s what I wrote about Montreal a few years ago … READ MORE

Do Bees that Make Varietal Honey Know Which Flowers to Visit?

The buzz on blossom-specific honeys. READ MORE

Sustainability Smackdown

Journalist Michael Pollan and Whole Foods CEO John Mackey are planning to meet mano a mano on February 27 in the face-off that has the San Francisco Bay Area food-politics community buzzing with excitement. READ MORE

Chocolate Ice Cream Tarted Up with Olive Oil

Bi-Rite Creamery is serving double ginger ice cream, which is hot, intense, and the soul of ginger, says rworange. she’s never had better, period. READ MORE

Googly Food

Stick googly eyes in your breakfast, win a free book! READ MORE

A Big, Yummy Cake

Do you need a yummy cake to feed a crowd? READ MORE

Tacos Jaliscos – a Sure Thing at Belmont

Belmont Park has the ponies, but the smart money is on the truck. READ MORE