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As Close to Singapore as You Can Get in the Bay Area

The most authentic (whatever that means) Singaporean food you can get out here is at Old Town Singapore Café. Their Hainanese chicken rice is excellent. READ MORE

Get Off My Back, McDonald’s!

Despite the fact that fewer people than ever are dieting, fast-food joints keep forcing healthy options down our throats, reports Nation’s Restaurant News. Have “premium entree salads” overstayed their welcome? READ MORE

If It’s Sunday, This Must Be Parihuela

Clued-in hounds have long known that Peruvian is the smart order at Flor de Mayo, the “Spanish-Chinese” place on Amsterdam. READ MORE

How to Get Fish at Manila Oriental Market

Newcomers might find the fish service counter at Manila Oriental Market a little intimidating. READ MORE

Lengua Special

gordon wing has been won over by the lengua (tongue) special at La Perla Taqueria. READ MORE

Excellent Paratha at Jackson Heights’ Desi Biryani

The Bangladeshi chow at Desi Biryani is hit or miss, most say, but one monster hit is its Mughlai paratha. READ MORE

Senor Baja Is Your Guy for Shrimp Tacos

Fresh off his El Taco Nazo-Tacos Baja Ensenada faceoff, Das Ubergeek went trolling for tacos of the sea a little closer to home and discovered Senor Baja. READ MORE

Tart Fro-Yo the Italian Way

In the shadow of Pinkberry, Mondo Gelato serves up a frozen yogurt that’s way better than Pinkberry’s and cheaper too, says coco puff. READ MORE

Patty Melt, Patty Melt, Make Me a Diner Classic…

What is a patty melt but a beefed-up grilled cheese sandwich? READ MORE


Salami’s most often eaten straight, in sandwiches, as an antipasto, or as a snack–but it’s also terrific cooked. READ MORE