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Fish Eggs, Fish Eggs, Spaghetti With Fish Eggs

Spaghetti alla bottarga is one of the simplest dishes in the Italian repertory, but it needs top-notch ingredients. READ MORE

Nurnberger Bierhaus – Soulful German on Staten Island

Solid, hearty German chow is drawing happy crowds at Nurnberger Bierhaus. READ MORE

Middle Eastern Update – Falafel and More Downtown

East Village newcomer Taj-Almoulouk has charged to the top spot in eca’s personal falafel ranking. READ MORE

Boudin Blanc

gordon wing recommends the delicious boudin blanc sausage from Taylor’s Sausage. READ MORE

It’s Craaaaabulous

Residents of parts north (of Orange County) no longer have to venture down there for the Cajun-style seafood boil that’s become popular in Little Saigon. READ MORE

Substitutes for Wine in Cooking

When you have to forego all alcohol in your cooking, is there any way to replace the flavor pickup that wine gives a dish? READ MORE


Sopapillas are a New Mexico specialty of deep-fried dough puffs eaten hot and spread with honey (or stuffed with your favorite taco fillings). READ MORE

Mint Mojito Gum

Orbit gum’s new Mint Mojito flavor is the best yet. READ MORE

Ground Bean Sauce and Brown Bean Sauce

Know this: ground bean sauce and brown bean sauce are essentially identical. READ MORE

The Unbearable Whiteness of Professionalism

The National Culinary Review leads its new issue with an entertaining, perplexing, annoying, and ultimately sympathetic Grumpy Old Man tirade that’s worth pondering. READ MORE