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Neiman-Marcus’s Storied Chocolate Chip Cookies

We’ve all probably heard the story at some point about the woman who was charged $250 for the recipe for Neiman-Marcus’s delicious chocolate chip cookies. READ MORE

Muir Glen Fire Roasted Tomatoes – Great Shortcut for Salsas

Muir Glen Fire Roasted tomatoes have a deep, rich, truly roasted flavor, yet they also taste tangy and bright. READ MORE

Angry Restaurants Make Newspapers More Money

Former Times critic wades into the Chodorow fray, calls the angry ad-writing restaurateur “an idiot.” READ MORE

Chowus Interruptus En Route to L.A.

We’re off to California! Swimmin’ pools! Movie stars! (cue banjo music). The goal had been to more or less do the continent in a little over two months, but that proved impossible. I couldn’t move faster than I did and still find finds. READ MORE

The Joy of Incarceration

This month’s Saveur boasts a compelling essay about eating well as a political prisoner in Myanmar. READ MORE

Dracula’s Diet

The Guardian’s Market Basket feature looks into Christopher Lee’s pantry. READ MORE

Foods You Fight

Tips for eating saucy, messy, and hard-to-handle foods. READ MORE

Solid-Gold Produce in the Big Apple

The New York Times has finally gotten around to scraping what may be the bottom of the glamorous haute cuisine barrel: the dudes who supply produce to fancy restaurants. READ MORE

Of Cheese and Food Snobbery

Ladygoat of the blog Foodgoat doesn’t think Morbier cheese is tasty enough to be “worth” its putrid smell—and some commenters seem to think that calls her true chowhound status into question. READ MORE

Staggering Toward Modernity: Minnesota

Finally staggering to its feet after decades of Prohibition-style liquor regulation, Minnesota legislators have introduced a bill to allow grocery stores to sell wine. READ MORE