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Cosset Your Cakes

Thanks to the Cupcake Courier, one potential childhood trauma—cupcakes upended while in transit—can now be averted. The carrying device boasts three stackable trays with 12 wells each to house cupcakes. The trays can also be removed for cake transport. Best of all, the plastic case is hard enough to withstand soccer balls, Razor scooters, and public transportation.

The Cupcake Courier, $32.95

Long Live Delfina

San Francisco’s Delfina hasn’t lost its touch nine years down the road (or its popularity—two weeks ahead the only reservations available on a Saturday night were 5:30 and 10 p.m.). A recent late-night supper included heavenly asparagus with Parmesan, spicy cauliflower and pasta, and halibut in Meyer lemon–caper butter, plus a baked-to-order Scharffen Berger chocolate cake to finish. (Chocolate: still hot.) And despite the full house, service was friendly and attentive, without ever giving the impression the table needed to be cleared for another party. Chowhounds seem to agree. Long live Delfina!

Great Graeter’s

If you’ve been to a Graeter’s shop (in southern Ohio or northern Kentucky), you’re already familiar with this incredibly smooth and dense ice cream, made from a secret custard recipe, two gallons at a time. The huge, soft chocolate “chips” come from pouring liquid chocolate into the frozen ice cream. Our favorite flavors are black raspberry chip (lots of real raspberry flavor without being too sweet) and coconut chip (lots of coconut flavor with plenty of chocolate and coconut bits). Your pints arrive overnight, packed for travel with dry ice.

Graeter’s Ice Cream, $70 for six pints or $110 for 12 pints, your choice of flavors, overnight shipping included

Plight of the Honeybee

The plight of bees domestically and abroad has been duly recorded. We stand in unity with the humble honeybee, which pollinates things that we love. GloryBee Foods of Eugene, Oregon, sells a range of beekeeping products, but we leave the apiculture to the experts and choose to enjoy the old-timey candy experience of honeycomb instead. It’s sweet, flowery, and a little bit crunchy. You’ll be picking wax out of your teeth for the rest of the day, but it’s worth it.

GloryBee Foods Honeycomb, $6.75 for 8 ounces