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New Dumpling Contenders

Having eaten xiao long bao (also known as soup dumplings) all over China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau, Eric Stone agrees with the hounds who love those at Din Tai Fung. READ MORE

Q Up for Chicken and Kabobs

Inside Q Market are two meat departments, kosher and halal, and a tempting kabob stand. READ MORE

Jumpin’ Fresh Sweet Shrimp

The Hump often pops up on best-sushi-restaurant lists, and The Oracle’s review definitely makes it sound deserving. READ MORE

Perfect New York Slices of Chicken Pizza

There are two rules for eating at Giovanni’s Pizza, a nondescript strip mall pizza joint. READ MORE

Bin 8945 Worth Looking Into

An American wine bar and bistro, the new Bin 8945 may actually fill the void of a French bistro with deliciously straight-ahead food. READ MORE

Box It Up: Sushi to Go

You can get boxed sushi almost anywhere these days, but some otherwise reliable markets can trip up here. READ MORE

A Dim Sum Steal

The best siu mai in Chinatown, declares K, can be found at Family Pastry. READ MORE

Issan That Great: New Northern Thai/Lao Spot

There is now a second place in Norwalk to get your northern Thai (Issan)/Lao food fix: Thai Issan. READ MORE

El Farolito Report

El Farolito often gets props as a good, down-home Mexican joint. READ MORE

Dispatch from Greensland

The special appetizer salad at Max, raves cvc, sports a green goddess dressing that rivals Chez Panisse’s. READ MORE