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Restaurant recommendations, new openings, and highlights from the LA Chowhound community.
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Brunello Trattoria’s the Real Deal

The perfect comfort food for your Italian soul. READ MORE

Hummus in the Heart of Little Tel Aviv

Creamy, mild, and topped. READ MORE

Modern Tokyo Kappo

Focusing on the culinary arts of Japan. READ MORE

Sandwiches of the Gods

At Artisan Cheese Gallery. READ MORE

Isaan Salad Excellence

Khun Dom’s Thai salads on Melrose. READ MORE

Finest Orange County French

Marché Moderne’s worth the expense. READ MORE

Cuban Torta Explosion

Perfect sandwiches for all. READ MORE

The Carne Adobada of Legend

And lamb and fried sandal, too. READ MORE

The Only Colombian Seafood Restaurant in LA

The pearl of the Pacific. READ MORE

An Explosion of Pear and Brie

The pear-and-Brie sandwich at Elements. READ MORE