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Vern’s Toffee

Low humidity makes Colorado an excellent place for making toffee, says dml. These folks use no preservatives or chemicals. READ MORE

Catalogue Your Wines, and Lots More

You can now catalogue your wine collection online. READ MORE

Hot Sauce with Flavor

El Yucateco is a hot sauce with plenty of habanero heat, but it’s flavorful and aromatic, as well. READ MORE

Marvelous Silicone Baking Mats

A silicone baking mat–commonly referred to as a Silpat–is one of a baker’s best friends in the kitchen, hounds agree. READ MORE

Fruit-Flavored Syrups

Fruit-flavored syrups are good for making flavored drinks or tea. READ MORE

Bubble Tea

Bubble tea, pearl tea, or boba tea are a few of the names for a refreshing drink made with fruity tea or milk. READ MORE

Apriums and Pluots

Apriums and pluots are the Labradoodles and Cockapoos of the stone fruit world: they are, in other words, culinary crossbreeds. READ MORE

Kohlrabi – Raw!

Most recipes call for cooking the bulb-shaped veggie kohlrabi–but Kohlrabi’s great raw, too. READ MORE

Chowhounding 101: Indian Food in the U.S.

Each of India’s 28 states is like its own country, with its own cooking style. READ MORE

Beans, Beans

The British love their baked beans–in particular, Heinz baked beans with tomato sauce, in the blue tin. READ MORE