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The Ultimate Guide to Mushrooms

Mushrooms, the fruiting bodies of edible fungi, are amazing things in the kitchen, bearers of flavor that range from nutty to aromatically woody to—naturally—earthy. Sometimes it’s the texture of a mushroom that strikes you most, other times it’s texture and flavor working in an eerily gorgeous kind of symbiosis. We asked Ian Garrone, founder of Far West Fungi in San Francisco, to guide us through the most common (and delicious) culinary specimens. Garrone comes from a family of mushroom hunters and growers, and his shop in the San Francisco Ferry Building overflows with familiar and exotic species, from the beige buttonlike cremini to the bright orange lobster mushroom, curled like a fist. And please note: This is a buying guide, not a foraging guide. Leave foraging to the experts, and leave eating and enjoying these amazing varieties to the rest of us. READ MORE

How to Grow Herbs Indoors: Easy? Maybe not. Rewarding? Hell yeah.

A windowsill of fresh herbs is one of the best things you can do for yourself as a city dweller–with a little sunlight, you can have herbs ready to use in the kitchen in only a matter of weeks. We spoke with gardening experts to figure out what it takes to grow herbs indoors.


The Ultimate Guide to Pasta and Sauce

The dried pasta options at the store can be bewildering. Do you want corkscrews, stovepipes, or little ears tonight? Perhaps a big dish of priest stranglers—that’d be strozzapreti in Italian. There are reasons that pasta exists in so many forms: It’s partly regional (Italian cities big and small always seem to have a specialty pasta), but it’s also practical: Certain pastas are best eaten with certain sauces. Others work well with a wide variety of sauces—the workhorse pastas, like farfalle. READ MORE

9 Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes, Traditional to Trippy

Turkey is the only constant on Thanksgiving. It’s often done poorly and is not that delicious, but if there isn’t a bird on the table there will be mutiny. So if you’re looking for something new to do to the bird, here are your options. Some add flavor, some cut down the oven time, and some are just fun to try. Just keep it classic for the first year with the in-laws. Then you can fly free. READ MORE

6 Summer Craft Brews to Sip from the Can

6 Summer Craft Beers in Cans Canning is booming in the craft beer industry, as everyone from tiny breweries to bigger players like Sierra Nevada and New Belgium jumps in. Benefits of the can include better protection from light and air (both of which can mess up a beer's aromas and flavors) and easier shipping than bottles. "Think of cans as a tiny keg that delivers fresh, draft quality beer to you in a convenient little package," says Indianapolis's Sun King Brewing on its website. To test the truth of this, the CHOW staff recently blind-tasted 15 canned craft beers. These are our top-rated picks. READ MORE

5 Whiskeys for Dad on Father’s Day

5 Whiskeys for Dad on Father's Day

Maybe it's stereotyping, but there’s something about dads and whiskey that just seems right together. Just ask Amy Murray, a buyer and manager at Cask, a San Francisco liquor store known for its selection of fine bourbon, Scotch, and rye. Murray sees a surge in whiskey sales in the run-up to Father’s Day. “I wish I could say that we get a spike in sales for Mother’s Day,” Murray says, “but whatever.” We asked Murray to recommend whiskeys in a range of styles, all special enough to be worthy gifts for Dad. And hey, if Mom ends up tapping the bottle, well—call it a belated Mother’s Day add-on. READ MORE

Father’s Day Food and Cooking Gifts

Father's Day Food and Cooking Gifts 2012 Do perfectly normal fathers turn into ’60s sitcom dads on Father's Day? Go to the mall this time of year, and the men's stores are still dragging out the novelty cuff links and manicure sets. Buy Dad something for his real life—actual or aspirational. READ MORE

What to Eat After Wisdom Tooth Surgery

While your mouth recovers, make these flavorful—and gentle—recipes. BROWSE RECIPE SLIDESHOW

30-Minute-or-Less Breakfast Recipes

28 fast breakfast recipes to start the day with, from scrambles, omelets, and hash to tacos, grilled sandwiches, and smoothies. BROWSE RECIPE SLIDESHOW

Classy Food and Cooking Gifts for Mother’s Day

Food and Cooking Gifts for Mother's Day 2012 Moms can be hard to shop for, but they're always worth the effort. Here are some ideas to get you started in finding the right Mother's Day gift for yours. READ MORE