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How to Make a Delicious Glow-in-the-Dark Punch for Halloween

Glow in the Dark Punch for Halloween

The glow in this Halloween punch isn't a photography trick. It naturally comes from the bitter alkaloid quinine, which also gives tonic water its characteristic bitterness. Because the quinine in the tonic is UV reactive, it will glow an eerie (but edible!) blue when exposed to a standard black light. READ MORE

5 Recipes for Fall Ingredients

Fall Ingredients It's time to embrace the chilly air and turn the oven back on. We've developed some really good autumn recipes for you to try, like a stir-fry with wild mushrooms and beef that's an umami bomb. And a parsnip-cauliflower purée that tastes like it's filled with butter and cream, but contains neither. READ MORE

Oatmeal for Dinner

Savory Oatmeal Toppings Chowhounds' most creative ideas for topping savory oatmeal, as discussed on our Home Cooking board. READ MORE

Greasy ’N Great Pub Grub Recipes

Pub Grub for Football Season Now that football season has officially begun, fans are beginning to pack the bars. Sometimes it's fun to be in the middle of it all, "WOOOOOOing!!!" along with the dude next to you. But often it's not. So for the times when you want to hang out at home, we've put together five classic bar-food recipes meant for the home cook—no deep-fryer needed. READ MORE

Bruschetta, the Fancy Toast for Parties

Bruschetta Recipes Bruschetta is just an upscale piece of toast. Yeah, it's got a foreign name that's usually mispronounced. And most people think it's only a tomato topping that goes on little toasts. But you can top bruschetta with just about anything. READ MORE

Recipes to Help You Conquer Your Fish-Grilling Fears

Grilled Fish Recipes We admit that grilling fish can be a little intimidating. The fish can stick to the grill, fall apart, or end up dry and tasteless. But grilling fish can also be great: It doesn't take long, and the end result has lots of smoky flavor. So we've put together five recipes that will help you conquer your fish fears. READ MORE

Grilled Toppings That Put Barbecue Sauce to Shame

Grilled Toppings That Put Barbecue Sauce to Shame Let's say you've mastered the art of grilling meat. Don't glop it up with regular ol' barbecue sauce. Grilled protein plus grilled sauce/salsa/topping equals grilling nirvana, the grillificent apogee. READ MORE

Boozy Cocktail Milk Shakes

Boozy Cocktail Milk Shakes Sometimes inspiration comes at weird moments, like when you pass a notorious fern bar near the office and it has a chalkboard sign out front flogging its dubious-sounding "cocktail milkshakes." But, wait. Why wouldn't you want a milk shake modeled after a favorite cocktail, right down to the booze? READ MORE

Father’s Day Grilled Paella Feast

Father's Day Spanish Feast Just because grilling is a cliché for Father's Day doesn't mean you should pass up a perfectly good chance to cook outside and celebrate with friends and family. Just change it up a little, with this unfussy Spanish-inspired menu. READ MORE

7 Easy Omelets

7 Easy Omelet Recipes Julia Child makes an omelet look so simple. But the truth is, omelets can go very wrong. Dig into omelet studies and you'll find it's a minefield: proponents of competing techniques, all claiming to provide the fluffiest, palest, lightest specimen. To get you started, we’ve combined and simplified the various methods and suggested a few of our favorite fillings. READ MORE