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Bite-Size Sweet Treats

Recipes for mini desserts that'll satisfy your sweet tooth in a single bite. BROWSE RECIPE SLIDESHOW

Recipes for Easter Brunch

34 impressive and delicious dishes to help you celebrate Easter, from classic (glazed ham, pictured) to modern (smoked salmon potato skins) to nondenominational (challah French toast) to boozy (mimosa). BROWSE RECIPE SLIDESHOW

Easter Dessert Recipes

26 sweets for your Easter celebration, including a pavlova (pictured), vanilla pound cake, lemon meringue pie, cheesecake, cupcakes, shortcake, and an easy cobbler. BROWSE RECIPE SLIDESHOW

3 Leg of Lamb Menus for Easter

Easter Leg of Lamb menus Next to ham, lamb is the go-to centerpiece for Easter dinner. The CHOW Test Kitchen has put together menus featuring our three favorite leg of lamb recipes plus seasonal sides, to make planning your holiday meal easy. READ MORE

St. Patrick’s Day Recipes

Celebrate the Irish in you with corned beef, Irish coffee, chocolate-whiskey cake, and more. BROWSE RECIPE SLIDESHOW

Crazy DIY Flavored Nuts for March Madness

March Madness Trashy Flavors Spicy Nuts Is it possible to make better-tasting versions of commercial snack-food flavors like ranch and nacho cheese? With March Madness looming, the CHOW.com Test Kitchen took the challenge. READ MORE

Elegant Snacks and Drinks for Your Oscars Cocktail Party

Cocktails and finger food for a classy Academy Awards party. BROWSE RECIPE SLIDESHOW

Epic Christmas Feast: Lost Recipes of the Grand Hotels

Epic Christmas Feast: Lost Recipes from the Grand Hotels When you think of Christmas dinner, there's fantasy and reality. Reality is: You'll have a mishmash of spiral-sliced ham and the three-hummus dip tray from Trader Joe's. Fantasy is ... well, this was ours: an epic feast from the turn of the century. We wanted food from an Edith Wharton novel, like grand roasts and a seafood course, all served on a table with lots of silver and gold-rimmed china. So we dug up dozens of hotel menus from library archives and chose the most evocative dishes we could find. Then our test kitchen brought them back to life. READ MORE

Crazy-Easy Christmas Cookies

Crazy-Easy Christmas Cookies December calendars are packed with parties and travel, so it can be hard to bake one batch of cookies, let alone the requisite assortment for a cookie plate. CHOW to the rescue! We developed five cookie recipes (and two candy recipes) that had to fit three criteria: supereasy, delicious, and beautiful. READ MORE

Classic Thanksgiving … Only Cheaper

Classic Thanksgiving Only Cheaper Every food magazine and website bends over backward to do something different for Thanksgiving each year. Usually it's by adding expensive ingredients. And CHOW is no exception. But what happens when we're in a recession, and money's tight, and you still want something delicious? Simple: Cut the food bling and make our classic Thanksgiving feast for eight for about a hundred bucks. READ MORE