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What Is Oktoberfest Beer?

How convenient that Märzen beers appear just in time for Oktoberfest. READ MORE

Art of the Shock-tail

Bacon-infused vodka martinis, rum and steak sauce -- has it really come to this? READ MORE

Youth Culture

Unaged tequila is considered by many aficionados to be the best way to enjoy the spirit because the longer tequila sits in a barrel, the more it tastes like oak or charcoal and the less it tastes like the agave plant it was made from. READ MORE

Infusion Confusion

Why there's no fruit in your fruit-flavored vodka. READ MORE

Try Mezcal Again

It used to be that mezcal was thought of as a poor man's tequila. No more. Great mezcal is now being imported into the United States. READ MORE

Not Grape Juice, Not Wine, It’s Verjus

Verjus is the pressed, unfermented juice of unripe wine grapes, first used in the sixteenth century. READ MORE

Champers from Across the Channel

Turns out that the hills of England's southeast produces great bubbly, too. READ MORE

Pucks of Pu-erh

You may have recently seen those little hockey pucks of compressed tea leaves. They are Pu-erh tea, from the Yunnan province of China. READ MORE

Should Your Wine Guy be Selling Cars?

Andy Besch and Ellen Kaye, authors of _The Wine Guy: Everything You Want to Know About Buying and Enjoying Wine from Someone Who Sells It_ tell you how to grill your wine seller. READ MORE

Burden of Proof

When compared with, say, a typical 86-proof cognac, your typical wine would seem about as threatening as a bottle of Evian --right? But the alcohol level in wine varies. READ MORE