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Chinese New Year Cooking with Grandma Ruby

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Grandma Ruby Tom and her grandkids Katherine, Marat, and Sean ring in the Chinese New Year together. Ruby prepares jai (here's her recipe), a healthy Buddhist vegetarian stew (and a ... WATCH THE VIDEO

Kwanzaa Cooking with Grandma Martha

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Grandson Desmond helps make candied yams for Kwanzaa. ... WATCH THE VIDEO

Making Jam with Grandma Kathy and Great-Grandma Kay

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This is a special episode of Cooking with Grandma, featuring four generations—Kay, Kathy, Astrid, and Kaatje—who pick blackberries and make jam together. To make your own jam, use this CHOW ... WATCH THE VIDEO

Making Italian Gnocchi with Grandma Paola

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Granddaughter Isabella helps Nonna Paola Bagnatori make potato gnocchi with tomato-porcini sauce. ... WATCH THE VIDEO

Casserole Cooking with Grandma Gigi

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Granddaughter Olivia helps Gloria "Gigi" Smith make Plantation Casserole. ... WATCH THE VIDEO

Passover Cooking with Grandma Irma

Cooking with Grandma Irma Zigas: Passover Brisket Watch as Irma Zigas cooks with her grandson Caleb, preparing her own take on Passover brisket. WATCH

Burmese Cooking with Grandma Alvina

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Granddaughter Alyssa helps out with Burmese prawn curry and coconut rice. ... WATCH THE VIDEO