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Grilled Pineapple

Have it for dessert, sprinkled with brown sugar, or as a savory side for grilled chicken or fish. READ MORE

Lentil Soup with Ham Bones

The ham bone makes a great base, and adding greens gives the soup color and texture. READ MORE

Stock Options

How to turn neutral chicken stock into Asian-cooking stock. READ MORE

BLTs with a Twist

Playing with the formula to great effect. READ MORE

What Else Can You Cook in a Waffle Iron, Anyway?

Hounds say low-fat hash browns and brownies. READ MORE

Flour Tortillas That’ll Put Your Grocer’s to Shame

From-scratch flour tortillas are simple to make, delicious, tender, and leave your mouth watering for more. READ MORE

Cream of Wheat Beyond the Breakfast Bowl

Cream of Wheat, a.k.a. farina, a.k.a. semolina, has plenty of uses beyond the hot cereal we associate with childhood. READ MORE

Spring Salad as Beautiful as It Is Delicious

A chilled composed salad that would whet any hound’s appetite. READ MORE

The Peanut Butteriest Ice Cream

For real peanut-butter-lovers, the ultimate in frozen treats: peanut butter–flavored ice cream studded with chunks of peanut butter cups. READ MORE

Thou Shalt Salt Thy Pasta Cooking Water Liberally!

Adding salt to the water you cook your pasta in makes a huge difference in the flavor of the finished dish. READ MORE