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The Key to Tender Braised Short Ribs

Cook them at least a day ahead of time. READ MORE

Wacky but Wonderful Marinade for Steaks

From the sounds-awful-but-is-really-good files: Marinate tougher cuts of steak in equal parts Italian salad dressing, ketchup, and Coca-Cola. READ MORE

Smokiness Without Fire

How to impart a smoky flavor to food without actually smoking it. READ MORE

Cooking Flavor into Artichokes

Grilling and braising gives them new layers of flavor. READ MORE

Lightning-Fast Roasted Vegetables

A Chowhound shares her tip for roasting veggies in about 5 minutes. READ MORE

Grilled Pineapple

Have it for dessert, sprinkled with brown sugar, or as a savory side for grilled chicken or fish. READ MORE

Lentil Soup with Ham Bones

The ham bone makes a great base, and adding greens gives the soup color and texture. READ MORE

Stock Options

How to turn neutral chicken stock into Asian-cooking stock. READ MORE

BLTs with a Twist

Playing with the formula to great effect. READ MORE

What Else Can You Cook in a Waffle Iron, Anyway?

Hounds say low-fat hash browns and brownies. READ MORE