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The Scoop on Les Zygomates, Boston’s Venerable Bistro

The bistro scene in Boston has grown by "leaps and bounds" since Les Zygomates opened nearly two decades ago, but it still has its merits, hotoynoodle says. The wine list is "interesting and affordable, martinis are a very generous pour, oysters are usually top-notch, and charcuterie and pâté [are] very good."

MC Slim JB notes that Les Zygomates is one of the only restaurants to regularly offer live music (mostly jazz), but those who prefer quiet can sit in a separate dining room. Still, BrettLove says: "If you go on a weekday, even the 'quiet' side of Les Zygomates can get fairly jammed with an 'after work drinks crowd.'"

As far as the main menu goes, hotoynoodle thinks the potatoes mousseline, riced potatoes mixed with cream and butter, are worth a try. "Light in texture," hotoynoodle says. "Yet dripping with fatty calories. Delish!"

Les Zygomates [Leather District]
129 South Street, Boston

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Fresh Sashimi, Great Value at Gen Sushi

Gen Sushi in Belmont serves "exceedingly fresh" sashimi in an "intimate setting," okra says. Other hounds appreciate the generous portions, like the sushi and sashimi combo that taterjane describes: nine pieces of sashimi, a California roll, and five pieces of nigiri, with fish all "quite thick and large."

While the sashimi rivals that of nearby Toraya, taterjane thinks the menu is somewhat limited for diners who don't eat raw fish. Sushi rolls were "nothing special," though an appetizer of miso black cod was delicious. The only real concern for hounds is the size of the space: Once Gen Sushi catches on, it could be hard to land a table.

Gen Sushi [Belmont]
61 Concord Avenue, Belmont

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Cakes Worth Craving at Konditor Meister in Braintree

Konditor Meister in Braintree makes some "crave-worthy" pastries, random amblings says, including cannoli and cream puffs. But it's the cakes that really have hounds impressed.

Boston_Otter recommends the mocha-chocolate cake with chocolate-dipped strawberries: It's "moist, many-layered [and] delicious." Both Kat and Jenny Ondioline had cakes from Konditor Meister at their weddings, and they were "not only delicious but beautiful too," says Kat. southie_chick particularly likes the "outstanding" strawberry shortcake with whipped cream frosting. "Vanilla cake isn't one of my favorites, but I make an exception for this," southie_chick says. This may also be a good option for hounds who find the bakery's buttercream frosting too sweet.

Konditor Meister [South Shore]
32 Wood Road, Braintree

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Café Darling: New Restaurant Openings Boston

Each week, we highlight a recently opened restaurant that Chowhounds are talking about. Want the early word on what's new and noteworthy where you live? Check out Chowhound.

New in Bedford: Cupcakes are small, but moist and tasty, with rotating flavors like rum coconut, pineapple banana, and Boston cream.

Café Darling [MetroWest]
119 Great Road, Bedford

Photograph from Café Darling / Facebook

Almost-Perfect Brioche in Cambridge at Tatte Bakery

The brioche at Tatte Bakery and Café in Cambridge is "just about perfect," Small Plates says. It's "buttery and not heavy in the least." Small Plates enjoyed a savory version with spinach and feta, but wished there'd been a little more filling. viperlush was pleased with a sweet, jam-filled version.

Hounds agree that other pastries, like croissants, brownies, and muffins, are good, too, even if the breakfast sandwich doesn't quite live up to neighboring Area Four's.

For those on the other side of the river, the pastries are also available at the bakery's original location in Brookline.

Tatte Bakery and Café [Cambridge]
318 Third Street, Cambridge

Tatte Bakery and Café [Brookline]
1003 Beacon Street, Brookline

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Sunrise Does Home-Style Vietnamese in Dorchester

Sunrise Restaurant in Dorchester is a worthwhile destination for Vietnamese food, Nab says. "It has a distinctly homey, family, Sunday-gravy kinda vibe to it." Nab thinks the breakfast is worth checking out for the excellent chao (rice porridge). And for lunch or dinner, the ca kho to (caramelized catfish in claypot, pictured) is great: lots of black pepper, and a "silky sauce" that's not too salty or sweet.

Like another Dorchester favorite, Pho 2000, Sunrise has a huge menu, so it's hard to nail down exactly which dishes are best overall. "I'll probably never figure it out," Nab says. "But I'm enjoying the ride."

Sunrise Restaurant [Dorchester]
1157 Dorchester Avenue, Dorchester

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Photograph by Nab

Scugnizzi, No-Frills Italian in Arlington

Scugnizzi, which opened earlier this month in the former Buona Vita space in Arlington Center, has an extensive menu and reasonable prices. The pasta Bolognese is made with fettuccine, and Ferrari328 says the sauce is very good: "A bit tart from the tomatoes, meaty from pork and beef, and there was some fresh basil mixed in just before serving." Servings are bigger than they look—what appeared to be a small bowl of pasta proved too much for Ferrari328 to finish.

Scugnizzi [Arlington]
450 Massachusetts Avenue, Arlington

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Photograph of pasta Bolognese by Ferrari328

Amsterdam Falafelshop: New Restaurant Openings Boston

New in Davis Square: No-frills Middle Eastern franchise from Washington DC—try a falafel sandwich, topped with a variety of fresh salads.

Each week, we highlight a recently opened restaurant that Chowhounds are talking about. Want the early word on what's new and noteworthy where you live? Check out Chowhound.

Amsterdam Falafelshop [Somerville]
248 Elm Street, Somerville

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What to Eat Near Salem’s Peabody Essex Museum

The Peabody Essex Museum is located in downtown Salem, so eating options abound. But what are Chowhounds' favorites for a postmuseum meal?

Red's Sandwich Shop serves breakfast all day in addition to fresh seafood, sandwiches, and hot lunch specials. It has an "old fashioned diner feel with reasonable prices," smtucker says.

62 Restaurant on Wharf Street is a good bet for elegant yet affordable Italian, but for summertime dining, drewinmrblhd recommends Finz Seafood & Grill at Pickering Wharf. "You can't beat eating at an outdoor patio on the water," drewinmrblhd says. Try the baked stuffed lobster. And there's a Connecticut-style lobster roll at The Lobster Shanty.

Red's Sandwich Shop [North Shore]
15 Central Street, Salem

62 Restaurant [North Shore]
62 Wharf Street, Salem

Finz Seafood & Grill [North Shore]
76 Wharf Street, Salem

The Lobster Shanty [North Shore]
25 Front Street, Salem

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Saloon: Whiskey and Pub Food in Davis Square

Saloon is the new bar from David Flanagan and Ken Kelly of Somerville's Foundry on Elm. And even though the two businesses share a kitchen, enhF94 thinks Saloon's food is better.

Saloon's best dishes include gnocchi (despite the strange plating), sliders, and savory pies. "The beer battered pickled peppers are really tasty," hounda adds, sensing fry talent in the kitchen.

hounda likes the atmosphere: It's dark (no windows or TVs), and there's a giant arch that matches the rest of the wooden interior. Saloon's drink specialty is brown liquors, Boston_Otter says. "If you like bourbons, ryes, and whiskies, you'll be in heaven."

Saloon [Somerville]
255 Elm Street, Somerville

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