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Eastern Euro Delights at Café Polonia, Baltic Deli

A recent discussion revealed Chowhounds are quick to recommend Café Polonia in Andrew Square for hearty Polish dishes. The potato pancakes in particular are delicious—gourmaniac says they are perfectly crispy and puffy. After a meal at Polonia, Pegmeister likes to cross the street to shop at Baltic European Deli—it's owned by the same people as Café Polonia, and has a great supply of Eastern European groceries. Pegmeister recently picked up some homemade pierogi, fresh kielbasa, apple coffee cake, and hard-to-find apricot wine. And gimlis1mum thinks the selection of marzipan is great, too. READ MORE

Boston’s Best Irish Pub Food

There are plenty of Irish pubs in Boston. Which ones offer quality food along with the drinks? A recent request for suggestions got Boston Chowhounds talking. A good choice in downtown Boston is Mr. Dooley's on Broad Street. "There is always session music, and the staples (fish and chips, shepherd's pie, beef stew, banger and mash) are perfectly prepared," Small Plates says. "A cut above in all respects," lergnom agrees. READ MORE

Que Padre Taqueria: Openings Boston

New in East Boston: A destination for tacos, Sonoran-style hot dogs, and Bolivian salteñas. Que Padre Taqueria y Mas [East B... READ MORE

Murderously Good Rotisserie Chicken in Jackson Square

Don't let the name fool you: A visit to Yely's Coffee Shop is all about the rotisserie chicken, not the coffee. Reviving an 11-year-old Chowhound discussion about this Jackson Square takeout restaurant, Nab provides the following dramatic re-enactment: READ MORE

The Hottest Pupu Platters in Boston

Is New England the heart of American pupu platter culture? The classic American-Chinese appetizer plate holds an assortment of grilled meats and fried appetizers, often placed around a Sterno flame. It shows up a lot around Boston, and while the pupu platter is far from authentic Chinese, there are some tasty ones out there, according to a recent Chowhound discussion. Gabatta thinks Golden Temple in Brookline makes a great version, and KevinJF agrees, calling it "tops for Americanized Chinese food." But Golden Temple's pupu platter leaves CookieLee cold, since it shows up on a tray, without the flames. "What's the fun in that?" READ MORE

Where to Get Your Goat in Boston

A recent Chowhound discussion about where to find the best goat dishes in Boston yielded many suggestions spanning styles and cuisines. Here are a few favorites: • Cantonese stewed goat at Kantin in the Super 88 food court: It's served with a sauce made from fermented tofu, Luther says. READ MORE

In Cambridge, Flavored Lattes with Flair

Chowhounds agree that Voltage Coffee & Art in Kendall Square serves great café mochas, but maillard thinks it's worth trying some of the special lattes. "I'm usually not a big fan of milky coffee or sweets," maillard says. "But these things are seriously delicious. And the 8 ounce size is the perfect balance of milk and coffee." READ MORE

Karl’s Sausage Kitchen: Openings Boston

New in Peabody: This longtime favorite for German sausages has moved from Saugus to West Peabody, into a new location that looks fan... READ MORE

iYO Café: Openings Boston

New in Davis Square: Self-serve fro-yo, do-it-yourself waffle irons, and an extensive toppings bar make this spacious café ... READ MORE

Moultons: Really Fresh Seafood in Medford

Moultons in Medford is a longtime Chowhound favorite for fresh seafood. "The cooking wouldn't win any awards for creativity," pemma notes... READ MORE