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Ruth Bourdain offers etiquette advice.
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Ask RuBo: When Does Celebrity Chef Peacocking Go Too Far?

I work with a younger chef who is a total climber. He is constantly roaming around the dining room sucking up to anybody who is remotely... READ MORE

Ask RuBo: Are Celebrity Chef Restaurants Worth It?

My husband and I are going to New York City for four days on vacation, and he's all gaga about going to Eataly. I'm loath to patronize a... READ MORE

Ask RuBo: Cell Phones at the Table, Neurotic Food Whims

I have two pet peeves at a restaurant. First, I am sick and tired of being at a table when someone's cell phone rings and they answer it... READ MORE

Ask RuBo: Defriended After a Birthday Dinner

As my family of six behaves perfectly at all moments, I have no need for etiquette advice, but I do have a baking problem. I keep forget... READ MORE

Ask RuBo: Holiday Edition

Dear RuBo, I've read a lot of stories in the past year about fancy ice, and about how you're not supposed to use ice cubes from trays an... READ MORE

Dear RuBo: My Name Is Not Fucking “Sweetie”

One of my pet peeves is being called "sweetie" by a server who is near my age or younger. I find it rude. I make exceptions if the serve... READ MORE