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"What is most interesting is that when you actually look at a historical perspective of [an] immigrant population's food, often what is considered 'X-American' is actually a snap-shot in time of the food that was typical at the time of emigration (with some ingredient changes due to availability in the new location). In the meantime, the home country's cuisine continued to evolve and change and so what a 'modern,' say Italian, would recognize as 'Italian-Italian' is now evolved past what the transplanted population is still holding nostalgic." – thimes on "authentic" ethnic food

"Sweet lemons are originally from Iran. I've been having it most of my life, specially during flu season as it's a great source of Vitamin C. At the same time it's easier on the throat and stomach comparing to oranges or other acidic fruits. Just like how pomegranate wasn't very popular in North America 'til a few years ago, some day sweet lemons will be recognized for their benefits and become known on this side of the world." – smacker

"[T]he nose-to-tail movement is making its way into more and more restaurant kitchens albeit very slowly. Artisanal butchers are popping up everywhere, run by people who really care about what they sell and will sell you any part of the animal you want. They're more expensive sometimes, but probably not so much for these traditionally discarded bits." – Chanteuse_ar on the delicious parts of an animal that tend to get thrown out

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