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"One of my fondest childhood food memories was this gorgeous concoction that my Mom always had sitting on the kitchen counter in a glass canister. There were maraschino cherries and grapefruit and oranges and possibly a few other fruits and it would sit there for weeks and ferment. It turned into a gorgeous vanilla ice-cream topping or great to just eat out of a bowl but had an alcohol content of about 1000! The end result was a flavor that I now recognize as rum. Is anyone familiar with this?" - Ripple

"I own a German-style butcher shop, and we use panko by the 25lb bag for schnitzels and cordon bleu, as well as in meat loaves. They fry up incredibly crisp, and so far, everyone's been too pleased with them to complain about the cultural crossover. The only problem I've had with them is just an occupational hazard. We make hundreds of schnitzel in a batch. The coarseness of the crumbs actually can be very irritating to the hands after the first hour of breading. Oh, the things I go through for my customers!" - FrauMetzger

"It is very, very hard to tell how hot a fresh (or dried) pepper will be. That is why (again, in my experience) many recipes calling for fresh chiles suggest starting with a small amount then tasting as you cook and adding to get a spice level that you enjoy." - centralpadiner

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