Overheard on the New York Boards

"The dish is based on rice noodle and gluten with crisp from cucumber and bean sprouts and dressed with eight liquids—vinegar, sesame paste, garlic water, sesame oil, chili oil, and three other items I couldn't identify. When finished it is a warm weather classic, great bright vinegar and chili oil accents, power from lots of garlic, all tempered by the sesame paste. A wow. Left feeling tiptop, ready to face the weather." – wew on a cooling snack from stall 24-25 in the food court at New World Mall in Queens

"Fantastic! As were the fries and the biscuits that come with it. The cornbread and cherry pie were terrific as well." – RGR on the fried chicken that highlighted her lunch at The Dutch

"The cheesecake is topped with super dreamy frosting that tastes like—cheesecake! The filling for the lemon meringue tastes like homemade lemon curd and has shreds of lemon zest. The meringue is no less than four inches high on the top of the doughnut and is creamy light and sweet (not at all like the stiff sugary soapsuds I’ve experienced all too frequently). Even with a knife and fork, it is impossible to eat this doughnut without making a mess. Just call me an ecstatic slob!" – Glendale is hungry on two of his favorite doughnuts at Dough in Brooklyn

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