Overheard on the Los Angeles Board

"Perhaps it's further proof of LA's further expansion as a culinary destination but, this weekend sees two food festivals that sound somewhat similar in scope and thus, placed in direct competition with each other." - Kris P Pata

"For sheer filth this is hard to beat. Pounded, breaded steak, jamon, a fried egg, chorizo, and.... julienned hot dog?!?! Oh yes. Add some avocado and tomato and you are most definitely in business. No 30-minute shower can get off the raw filth of this sandwich." - mrgreenbeenz on the Torta Balderas at Metro Balderas

"The chili had this fantastic, kinda-Greek spiced flavor. I also had the loose burger, which is fried-up ground beef in a hot dog bun, covered with the chili. Sounds weird, but I liked it even better than the hot dog." - Charles Pepper on Coney Dog

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