Overheard on the Home Cooking Board

"I can't imagine not writing in my cookbooks. It's the only way I can remember what worked and what didn't, or how a recipe can be improved. And many times, I'll be attracted to the ingredients, but not remember that the finished dish was bad unless I write: WARNING! NASTY! at the top." - Isolda

"When I make broth or soup using meat or poultry (usually poultry) I always cool the liquid before refrigerating. If you put the hot broth in the fridge, you won't get that clean line of fat sitting on top of the broth. The fat can be removed easily for a leaner broth, but also importantly, the fat helps preserve the broth from spoilage." - sueatmo

"Cook's Illustrated taught me that sprinkling the vinegar directly onto the hot potato slices makes a big difference, really melding the flavors of the potato and the dressing. Mix up the rest of your dressing ingredients and stir into the potatoes once they are cooler (if you want warm potato salad) or cold." - greygarious

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