The Basics: How to Make Chocolate Mousse

From the store to the kitchen to the table: We outline the steps that get you from raw ingredients to your dinner tonight, free of measurements and complicated techniques. It’s a method you’ll remember and whip out whenever you like. It is the most basic way to make the thing you’re making.

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  • • a medium saucepan
  • • a heatproof mixing bowl
  • • two additional large mixing bowls
  • • a whisk or electric mixer
  • • something to serve the mousse in, e.g., small bowls, flute glasses, ramekins, juice glasses, or teacups
  • • five squares of good-quality semisweet or bittersweet chocolate (there is no additional sugar in this dessert, so choose a chocolate you would eat on its own)
  • • a half pint (1 cup) of very cold whipping cream
  • • three egg whites with no trace of yolk (here’s a tip on how to separate eggs)

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