Make Your Own Digestifs

Make Your Own Digestifs
» Mandarin Orange Digestif
Deceptively orangelike in flavor, this is the most understated of the lot.
Alcohol is usually blamed for causing stomachaches, not relieving them. But the infused liquors known as digestifs are stomach-settling miracles after a heavy meal because of the soothing properties of their herbal mixtures. They are a touch sweet, intensely flavored, and often served chilled and sipped slowly.
The definition of a digestif is broad, and usually refers to a hard liquor that’s been steeped with various herbs and/or citrus. Limoncello is the best-known digestive liqueur out there, but you may only have had that cheap Lysol-flavored bunk served at many Italian trattorias. Make some yourself and see how good (and easy) it can be. The digestifs listed here are a handful of our favorites, though we encourage experimentation (say, with bay leaves, tangerines, or even pomelos). And then tie ribbons around the bottles and call them a gift. (They’re just one of our make-your-own, impress-your-friends gift ideas.)
» Lemon Digestif
Warming with a slight astringency, this is what limoncello should taste like.
» Orange Digestif
Like a bouquet of orange flowers bloomed in a bottle of grain alcohol.
» Basil Digestif
With notes of clove and anise, this floral infusion brings out basil’s lesser-known flavors.
» Fennel Digestif
Tastes like liquid black licorice.
» Meyer Lemon Digestif
More subtle than the lemon digestif, with a nice floral note, this could be mistaken as a lemon-orange mixture.
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