Overheard on the San Francisco Boards

"MB's palate is limited. Ethnic is generally out and if the place doesn't have a full bar, cute waiters, the slab of meat option and a twist, he won't give it a high review." – ML8000, in a discussion of San Francisco Chronicle critic Michael Bauer and his Top 100 Bay Area Restaurants list

"We just returned from dining at Hachi Ju Hachi in Saratoga, and it was an absolutely AMAZING experience!" – slydep, referring to the new upscale Japanese restaurant Hachi Ju Hachi, where the former chef of the kappo-style Hamon Washoku can now be found

"Mixed scoop of cardamom + dulce de leche for $2.95 = happiness." – bradluen, on the new location of Lush Gelato in Berkeley

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