That Blood Orange Digestif You Made? Add It to Margaritas

It’s done: The blood orange digestif we started last week steeped for six days. (In case you missed it, CHOW photographer Chris Rochelle took the peel from half a dozen blood oranges and soaked them in two cups of grain alcohol.)

The other day Chris strained out the peels.

Then he added 1 1/2 cups of Rich Simple Syrup.

What resulted is a sweet, viscous liqueur with a heavy orange fragrance. Keep it in the freezer and dole it out in pill-cup-size portions, or apply its sweet, citrusy charms to cocktails. Margaritas, for example. Chris used it in place of Cointreau in our Perfect Margarita (since the blood orange digestif is a bit sweeter and more aromatic than Cointreau, use a scant bit less). Honestly, it was the food-craftiest margarita we’ve ever tasted. If you want to serve it in old Mason jars, we won't stop you.

Here's that blood orange digestif recipe again.

Photos by Chris Rochelle