For Chinatown’s Grocery Shoppers, a Worthy New Option

Rising phoenixlike from the ashes of Hong Kong Supermarket a few weeks back was a mini–Marriott hotel—but more important for home cooks, a new, well-provisioned Asian grocery called Chinatown Supermarket of Manhattan in the building's street and basement levels. It's an upgrade over its predecessor, which burned down in 2009, and a worthy entry in a crowded neighborhood field. Chowhounds report ample, appetizing displays of produce, seafood, dry and canned goods, prepared foods, and frozen stuff—check out the cuttlefish balls, bean curd, and other mix-and-match hot-pot staples, advises small h, who declares this "my first Chinatown grocery stop for the foreseeable future."

Photo of Chinatown Supermarket of Manhattan's seafood selection by Mark Hokoda