Overheard on the New York Boards

"While not being an haute gastronomic experience, it is definitely up to Manhattan standards and quite good. But remember that you are not really coming here for the food. The main reason to come here is to experience what it's like to be blind and perform a typical daily ritual—eating. You really learn a lot, and the first 15-20 minutes can be very challenging and even stressful. The second reason you come here is to understand how interconnected taste is with sight. Things taste completely different when you can't see them." – InsolentGourmet on Dans le Noir? in the Garment District; the Paris transplant, open since February, serves diners in a pitch-dark room

"I'm hoping they introduce a plethora of new lamb face options." – Silverjay on the forthcoming sit-down location of Xi'an Famous Foods in Flushing, Queens; hounds love Xian's Spicy & Tingly Lamb Face Salad, among other things

"It's a Russian restaurant from Moscow, but their desserts and takeout pastries are mostly French. I think Pushkin's savory dishes are just plain, but their pastries are really sophisticated and phenomenal (and they are really pricey too)." – kosmose7 on Brasserie Pushkin in Midtown; among its desserts is a hazelnut meringue dome with caramel, cinnamon ice cream, and apple coulis inside

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