Overheard on the San Francisco Bay Area Board

"Cafe Rouge has been serving a dish of grilled marinated squid with Massa Organics brown rice and broccoli di ciccio that is the best squid dish I've had in years if not ever. Really brilliant combination of flavors and textures. Reminded me of the Dungeness crab with toasted barley from AQ." – Robert Lauriston on Berkeley's Café Rouge

"I ordered their combo plate from their Off the Grid food truck today (choice of 3 mains and 2 sides for $17). The beef rib was incredible: smoky, tender, beefy, not greasy or stringy. The St. Louis cut pork ribs were also good: tender, meaty, and flavorful, and nice bark, but not much smoke and they failed to remove the membrane off the back. Unfortunately the brisket was a bit of a mess: some smoke, but soft like it came from a crock pot, and no semblance of a bark." – Civil Bear on the Smokin' Warehouse Barbecue food truck

"Fetlework Tefferi who owns Cafe Colucci and Brundo, an Ethiopian market and spice shop, has recently opened Brundo Culinary Studio in a steel warehouse in West Oakland with classes in spice blending, coffee roasting and Ethiopian cooking. Sounds interesting." – zippo on Brundo Culinary Studio (link leads to a pdf) in the East Bay

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