Overheard on the Boston Board

"Picked up some fantastic beef jerky at the quik-e-mart in the South End on Columbus (at Newton St) that's run by some very nice Ethiopian folks. They stock a few Ethiopian goods near the cash register including, on this occasion, a basket of beef jerky tossed with berbere. Turns out beef jerky takes very well to berbere. Excellent texture, soft but with a good long chew, it's some of the best jerky I've had." – Nab on the Ethiopian beef jerky at the South End Food Emporium

"Had lunch on Friday at the Druid based upon input from the board. Wow, what a find. One of the best pubs stateside that I have ever been to. Seemed to be mostly all locals there. The staff was absolutely superb and friendly. The 2 pints of Guinness were perfectly drawn. The fish and chips were as good as advertised. Really light battered cod, cooked perfectly with house made fries all wrapped up like Jiffy Pop in newspaper." – J.R. on a great meal at The Druid in Inman Square

"To me Andrina's falls into the 'Greek pizza' category except they might be the best at it. The dough is machine pressed into a perfectly thin crust. The sauce is quite tasty but they're using a lot less of it compared to when they first opened which is a complete shame because the sauce really helped make the pizza stand out." – Unfoodie on Andrina's Pizzeria in Arlington

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