Overheard on the New York Boards

"This breaks my heart. The crab in garlic sauce over noodles has been a staple that nourished my soul and body over several winters. I know every waiter and love even the occasionally unfriendly lady at the front desk. I always smiled at her and got her to smile." – sing me a bar on South China Garden, a Cantonese destination that closed February 26; its Chinatown building is being razed to make room for a hotel

"Bouley does a wonderful seared foie gras; the portion is very generous. Má Pêche has introduced a delicious cold foie gras prep with brioche cubes with almost a meringue-like topping, quince and diced slightly hot peppers. The combination of sweet and spicy makes Má Pêche's foie prep one of my current favorites. The shaved foie gras with pine nut brittle, Riesling gelée and lychee at Momofuku Ko is a brilliant contrast in textures (soft and crunchy), and, I believe, one of two dishes at Ko that has deservedly remained on their dinner menu for more than three years; yes, it's that good!" – ellenost shares a trio of foie gras tips

"Why did I not know about this before?!? Awesome and amazing sandwich!" – howdini on Sunny & Annie Deli's P.H.O. #2 (lemon chicken, bacon, avocado, tofu, basil, cilantro, red onion, romaine, Fuji apple, hoisin sauce, and green chile sauce in a hero or a wrap)

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