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America's sugar beet growers are under siege as U.S. food companies increasingly shun GMO crops

by Melanie Wong 10 hours ago

"...Now, as public sentiment moves against GMO crops and imports of cane sugar rise, sugar beet growers have seen the...


DLovsky commented 6 hours ago

Mary Berry: Great Holiday Bake Off

by pine time 1 day ago

For those of us who liked the British baking show, Mary (Merry, for Christmas?) Berry will judge a new show, starting...

paulj commented 8 hours ago

Slow Food Editore - Italian Regional Cooking Dictionary

by DavyTheFatBoy 1 day ago

I just wanted to mention that Slow Food has released a Dictionary of Italian Regional Food for the iPhone and iPad (I...

rasputina commented 19 hours ago

Milk - Guide to the bloat in your dairy aisle (NY Mag)

by eatingjoy 6 days ago

Anyone catch this comprehensive coverage by NY Magazine? "On a recent trip to Whole Foods, I rounded a display of ...


eatingjoy commented 20 hours ago

About Chipotle's E. Coli Outbreak Posts

by marssy 29 days ago

Hi everyone, While we have a long-standing policy against hosting posts about health department violations; we un...


thegforceny commented 1 day ago

MOFAD: Museum of Food And Drink Exhibit Opens Tuesday

by marssy 1 month ago

"The exhibit blends high-tech and old school gadgets to present an interactive flavor experience, through smell, tast...

LNG212 commented 2 days ago

Eat! Drink! Italy! with Vic Rallo

by boogie350 5 days ago

I've always found the info to be priceless on this show, but all the while feeling something simply disturbing about ...


boogie350 commented 2 days ago

Christopher Kimball leaving ATK and CC next year

by sandiasingh 14 days ago


John Francis commented 3 days ago

YouTube Kids App Faces New Complaints Over Ads for Junk Food

by Melanie Wong 5 days ago

"...The lines between marketing and advertising are often blurred, the groups said in their complaint. They asked the...


beevod commented 3 days ago

The 16th-Century Origins of Food Porn

by MplsM ary 4 days ago

I can imagine Sandra Lee's ancestors were behind it all. Tablescapes galore!

hill food commented 3 days ago

Don't Mess With My Stuffing: Thanksgiving's Most Hotly Debated Dish - NPR

by eatingjoy 8 days ago

A few recipes are included with the story. I tinker with chestnut stuffing and wild rice stuffing all year long but ...

nannygoat commented 4 days ago

Prime Time Cooking Shows on Food Network

by Njchicaa 10 days ago

Whoa! Maybe they are finally hearing us and are testing the waters with these? A few nights ago Pioneer Woman's Thank...


boogie350 commented 4 days ago


by ennuisans 11 months ago

aka Great British Bake Off. I only found out about this today, but it seems my local affiliate is delaying broadcast ...


laureleiwb commented 5 days ago

UoP Launches the 1st Master’s Level Food Studies Program on the West Coast

by Melanie Wong 6 days ago

"...'We have a food system that has a whole lot of things wrong with it,' said Albala. 'There’s unfair access to food...

SunnyCalifGirl commented 5 days ago

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E. coli outbreak linked to Costco’s chicken salad

by EM23 5 days ago

Story from Chowhound’s parent company here: “...

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Jon Favreau’s ‘Chef’ to get Bollywood Remake Treatment

by MplsM ary 5 days ago

This sounds interesting and fun. Hope it gets released with English subtitles in the US.

The Hippest Cafe in Providence Was Totally Fake

by RhodyRedHen 1 month ago ...


brokentelephone commented 6 days ago


by EM23 2 months ago

New movie about a chef in search of three Michelin stars.


eatingjoy commented 7 days ago

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