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The food movement is small? Not from where we sit, it isn’t.

by Melanie Wong 3 days ago

A rebuttal from Chellie Pingree and Anna Lappé to last week's WaPo piece,

mcf commented 25 minutes ago

Iranian saffron

by sandiasingh 4 days ago

Will you shell out for authentic Iranian saffron soon to reach American shores? Don't know what the price will be bu...


DGresh commented 29 minutes ago

How to promote a food blog?

by NonnieMuss 2 years ago

I hope this is not against CH's policy, but I couldn't find anything in the rules about it, so here goes. I'm going ...

NonnieMuss commented 1 hour ago

Top Chef Season 13 Ep 9......Restaurant Wars!

by Shrinkrap 4 days ago

Ooooo......Marjorie! Kwame! "Harsh-edit"? Isaac....."Just like kick-ball...You've made a mistake"...Is that a thr...

chefhound commented 16 hours ago

When did Varrano get skinny?

by jgg13 1 day ago

Just saw a segment on Strip on the Phantom and would never have recognized Nick Varrano if it weren't for his voice. ...


thimes commented 22 hours ago

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"World's best chef" who committed suicide was victim of wine scam

by sandiasingh 1 day ago

I had not heard of this chef until news broke last week of his suicide. Very sad.

Where We Used To Eat

by MikeR 6 days ago

While digging through a pile of old magazines, I ran across 8 issues of the Washington Post Sunday magazine dining gu...


MikeR commented 1 day ago

All lost in a pet food warehouse

by EM23 2 days ago

I suppose this would be a kitty’s dream, akin to me getting lost in Eataly.

SunnyCalifGirl commented 1 day ago

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Coyote Cafe Chef Eric deStefano found dead

by sandiasingh 2 days ago

The Santa Fe food world woke up this morning to the sad news that Chef Eric deStefano passed away in his sleep while ...

Siba's Table on Cooking Channel

by alliegator 2 years ago

I caught this show bright and early this morning and really enjoyed it. Siba is a breath of fresh air amongst all of ...

MplsM ary commented 3 days ago

Restaurants Pulling some Vegatables off the Menu due to cost

by pourboi 19 days ago

Urban Herbivore had pulled cauliflower off it menu due to the high cost... I have heard people complain about asparag...


pourboi commented 3 days ago

Baltimore bill calls for warning labels on sugar sweetened drinks.

by Melanie Wong 17 days ago

The signs would say: "Warning: drinking beverages with added sugar contributes to tooth decay, obesity and diabetes. ...


beevod commented 3 days ago

Chinese menu collection

by pourboi 5 days ago

(So you know why tuition is so high) Just read this: The University of Toronto has acquired the world’s largest co...


pourboi commented 3 days ago

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Counterfeit olives?

by ferret 4 days ago


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ZZ Top & Tex-Mex food porn

by TroyTempest 4 days ago

The inside cover of Tres Hombres always made me want some Tex-Mex. Gotta scroll down to see the video.

Cruel Buffalo Mozzarella from Campania

by vil 8 days ago

I was browsing for more information on cheeses made with buffalo milk (in addition to the well-known Mozzarella di Ca...

MelMM commented 4 days ago

The Way Forward for Hipster Food

by EM23 8 days ago

Could this be the beginning of the end? "...a creeping dislike of the fakery inherent in the craft-food movement a...

Ttrockwood commented 5 days ago

New Food Words for 2015 and the Death of the Word Foodie

by JoanN 2 months ago

grayelf commented 6 days ago

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