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by nannygoat 1 day ago

After I read a thread, the posts automatically close (as I requested). However, now I cannot open one post to read it...

nannygoat commented 4 hours ago

HELP! Can’t find reporting threads for Ottolenghi’s “Jerusalem.”

by JoanN 14 hours ago

In the Cookbook of the Month archive, clicking on “Jerusalem” brings up a thread announcing the selection of this boo...

JoanN commented 6 hours ago

Email Notifications Turning Off

by L.Nightshade 11 hours ago

Every one or two weeks my "Enable Notifications" gets turned off/unchecked. I am not doing it, and I don't notice it ...

The Chowhound Team commented 7 hours ago

Comments aren't loading, or scrolling properly

by Seitan 11 days ago

Not sure if this is two different problems or if they are related. When I go to read a topic and there are say 32 com...

Melanie Wong commented 13 hours ago

Can't make new post . . . test

by Melanie Wong 1 month ago

After repeated error messages trying to start a new topic, let me test it here.

DoctorChow commented 1 day ago

Logging in continuously

by LNG212 8 months ago

I've had to log in about six times over the last two days. I'm sure this is not normal. On iPad Air 2 with latest ...

LNG212 commented 3 days ago

Back button always returns to top of previous page...

by small h 10 days ago

rather than the last scroll point. Started this morning. Windows 10, latest Firefox (but not IE, or whatever Microsof...


small h commented 3 days ago

Automatic Tags?

by Bob Martinez 12 days ago

I understand that if you're browsing a specific location or community any post you create while doing that will autom...

LNG212 commented 6 days ago


by munchkin1 5 months ago

Another question. I plug things into the "search" feature, anticipating it will give me Chowhound items. It just thro...

Melanie Wong commented 8 days ago

New site continues to be frustrating

by cobpdx 2 months ago

When I use the Search area within a page (i.e. San Francisco Bay Area), it seems to automatically revert back to a se...

Agrippa commented 9 days ago

Regional auto-tagging?

by Melanie Wong 3 months ago

When I posted the linked topic, I used the full five tag allotment. None of those were "Southwest". As soon as it pub...

Melanie Wong commented 11 days ago


by JunieB 11 days ago

I wish I could get an email notification every time there is a new post to my local board. I don't make it a habit of...

JunieB commented 11 days ago

Features Program

by The Chowhound Team 13 days ago

Hello everyone, Today we’re introducing a new post type called Features. To start, these posts will be crafted by ...


Steve commented 12 days ago

The Feedback Menu

by small h 13 days ago

We're mere days away from the 8-month anniversary of patsully's statement of intent to move it "soon." Any action on ...

The Chowhound Team commented 12 days ago

Black bars on threads

by small h 3 months ago

This should not be happening, probably. Running Windows 10 (it was happening on Windows 8.1 also), latest Firefox.

al b. darned commented 12 days ago

The annoying 'keep scrolling' popup in lower left corner

by kpaxonite 3 months ago

Please remove it or add an x so i can keep closing it - its so annoying and makes the readable post area a lot smalle...


AnnJo commented 16 days ago

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Testing Win7 IE11

by marssy 18 days ago

Please ignore

Suggestion - A new community for Catering start-ups and pros

by MidwesternerTT 23 days ago

There doesn't seem to be a "home" for those who want to post about providing professional catering. Would it make se...

MidwesternerTT commented 20 days ago

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Test Please Ignore

by marssy 21 days ago

Testing creating a new post on: Mac OS 10.11 El Capitan Firefox 45

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