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New Chowhound Feedback 10.7

by The Chowhound Team 3 days ago

Hi everyone, We have some updates for you: today we launched an update to your personalized homepage feed with the...


jounipesonen commented 6 minutes ago

If this doesn't make you slap your head...

by PoppiYYZ about 3 hours ago

From a recent article in the LA Times. "Die-hard ...

The Chowhound Team commented 44 minutes ago

Ads yes, fake "sponsored" content no.

by lagatta about 18 hours ago

I know sites such as Chowhound have to run ads - if not we'd have to pay for content. But it is important to have a f...

kaleokahu commented about 1 hour ago

Tweaking tag names for Portland, ME and Portland, OR

by masha about 3 hours ago

This recent post on a thread discussing Portland, ME -- in which a hound recommended some restaurants in Portland, OR...

Please Report your Bugs Here

by marssy 22 days ago

When reporting a bug please make sure to include the following information: 1- Description 2- Steps that lead you...

MplsM ary commented about 11 hours ago

Enabling Cookies on iOS

by nannygoat 1 day ago

Why do I need to log in on my iPhone each time I open CH? Even if I check "remember me"? Never had to do that on the ...


nannygoat commented about 14 hours ago

Double U, Tee, Eff?

by vvv03 1 day ago

Good God what have they done with Chowhound? As if the original changes that happened with Leff handed them over wer...

patsully commented about 15 hours ago

Hate the new site!

by synergy about 22 hours ago

I can't navigate it...can't find replies to posts...this is the worst update. It's so frustrating I will hardly visi...

patsully commented about 15 hours ago

Please fix the broken link problems associated with providing links to search results!

by masha 1 day ago

Especially because of the new format, there have been multiple posts where hounds are having trouble finding on-topic...

hannaone commented about 16 hours ago

What Does 'Philadelphia' Mean?

by ambrose 3 days ago

I may have missed this but has the definition of 'Philadelphia' changed since the redesign? As I recall, it used to ...

marssy commented about 21 hours ago

What were the objectives for the site redesign?

by Breadcrumbs 4 days ago

In particular, it would be helpful to understand: How you imagine the majority of new content will be generated (e...

mcf commented 1 day ago

Does anyone realize Chowhound is dead?

by deweyweber54 1 day ago

CBS Folk; Remarkable how your entity has purchased a well viewed site, and managed to kill it so quickly.... Please ...

marssy commented 1 day ago

Feature Request: description for regional tags/boards

by cwdonald 2 days ago

Previous versions of CH had descriptions on boards and for locations/boards they described the intended areas. For ex...

marssy commented 2 days ago

What do I have to do to create a new tag?

by sixelagogo 7 days ago

I'd like to create some tags for my location ( north jersey, bergen county) have submitted these as tags, but still n...

marssy commented 3 days ago

OT: Hate new Chowhound format

by MartyB 20 days ago

Is it just me or does the new layout suck. The prior layout was more compact and by a simple glance I was able to see...


healthytouch101 commented 3 days ago

New Chowhound Feedback 9.30

by vipgeorges 10 days ago

Hi Chowhounds, Per your feedback, we’ve just released a new major update to our feeds that will require you to scr...

marssy commented 3 days ago

Suggestion to CH

by Chimayo Joe 8 days ago

It's clear that the loss of so many of the prolific CH members has devastated the site. It's not only that the peop...

marssy commented 3 days ago


by DiningDiva 26 days ago

So upon landing on my home location page there is a large banner ad at the top. Used to that. The first thread is...

marssy commented 3 days ago

Issue with new format -

by weinstein5 4 days ago

I posted a question in the Kosher board asking about kosher restaurants in Las Vegas and it got automatically cross p...

MplsM ary commented 4 days ago

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