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I can't start a new thread on my laptop (Apple)

by beetlebug 1 month ago

Mods - for some reason, I can't start a new thread on my laptop (Apple). I can do all the steps except for choosing a...

The Chowhound Team commented 6 hours ago

How do I reverse the comments from oldest to newest on an iPad?

by Bookwich 2 days ago

When I access Chowhound on iPad, thread comments are listed from oldest to newest. How do I jump to the most recent c...

The Chowhound Team commented 1 day ago

' Hole-in-wall ' - add title to 'community' due to global popularity

by Charles Yu 5 days ago

' Hole-in-the-wall ' eateries - This unique category does not fall into any current ' community ' category. Closest i...


Steve commented 2 days ago

Pages Still Jump When Scrolling

by Bookwich 8 days ago

I'm beginning to figure out the redesigned website (though the search function is still useless), but the screen jump...


wally commented 7 days ago

Where are the TN / KY state pages

by suemac 17 days ago

In Locations > US States ... where are Tennessee and Kentucky?? There are only 48 states listed; TN and KY seem odd o...

The Chowhound Team commented 8 days ago

Post Page Update

by The Chowhound Team 27 days ago

Hello everyone, Starting this evening you will notice two small differences on post pages: 1. We have rearrange...

The Chowhound Team commented 12 days ago


by munchkin1 1 month ago

Another question. I plug things into the "search" feature, anticipating it will give me Chowhound items. It just thro...


masha commented 14 days ago

Where'd the link to our profiles go on mobile?

by MplsM ary 18 days ago

I have it bookmarked, but - what the hey? Is it simply obscured by "Chowhound Presents: Table Talk with Amanda Haas, ...

MplsM ary commented 16 days ago

Pictures that never load

by MplsM ary 17 days ago

An example:

MplsM ary commented 16 days ago

Incompetent handling of old links

by BernalKC 22 days ago

At some point weeks or months ago, a change was made to the site that broke the URL I use to access the site: http:/...

The Chowhound Team commented 20 days ago

What has happened to the Daily Recipe from Chow?

by tbaden 1 year ago

I used to receive a Daily Recipe from Chow that I really enjoyed, but I no longer receive this. I have checked in the...


lsaslaw commented 21 days ago

"More Posts From ..." Links don't work

by Melanie Wong 26 days ago

The links in the right column to topics started by the same poster no longer work.

The Chowhound Team commented 22 days ago

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Incremental improvement finally - thanks

by islandgirl 22 days ago

I've been a long time member and was so disappointed by the new format. I have slowly adapted although I still don't...

Incessant pop up ads

by Melanie Wong 3 months ago

These two ads take over the screen repeatedly when I try to browse this site on mobile.

The Chowhound Team commented 22 days ago

Unwanted automatic double spacing

by Melanie Wong 26 days ago

Now that I've made my first restaurant report after the format changes, I've discovered that a return = double spacin...

The Chowhound Team commented 22 days ago

The Testing Thread - Part 2

by Jacquilynne 3 years ago

Just to give people who may have tested something long ago a chance to get the testing thread out of their profiles a...

Engineering commented 23 days ago

adding tags to my search

by noradailey 23 days ago

I knew how to do this at one time, but now cannot. I want to add some more existing tags to "My tags"

The Chowhound Team commented 23 days ago

Editing screen

by Melanie Wong 25 days ago

After editing a new post, the editing screen still appears below the published post after hitting the "save" button. ...

The Chowhound Team commented 24 days ago

Redesign of site makes it very hard to find local restaurants

by PiggyNeedsChow 1 month ago

Redesign of your site makes it really hard to find local restaurants. If you only want to cater to a couple of citite...

The Chowhound Team commented 26 days ago

On my iPhone I don't see all the comments

by Bookwich 29 days ago

On my iPhone I don't see all the comments. The little icon says there are 57 comments on a recent "best sandwich" pos...

The Chowhound Team commented 28 days ago

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