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A spot for users to report technical issues, as well as make suggestions for new features they'd like to see on Chowhound.

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"A problem occurred with this webpage so it was reloaded."

by steve h. 1 year ago

I have two iPads, one old one new. Both run the most recent version of iOS. It's not my home network causing this ...


GH1618 commented 20 hours ago

What happened to chowhound

by weezy1074 8 days ago

What has happened to chowhound? Why is it full of ads now and I cannot do a simple search for posts on international ...

Bob Martinez commented 2 days ago

Why can't we comment on the recipes Chowhound posts?

by Bookwich 8 days ago

It seems odd that a website that began as a discussion site doesn't allow comments on "original content". I know s...

The Chowhound Team commented 4 days ago

Incessant pop up ads

by Melanie Wong 4 months ago

These two ads take over the screen repeatedly when I try to browse this site on mobile.

The Chowhound Team commented 4 days ago

Logging in continuously

by LNG212 5 months ago

I've had to log in about six times over the last two days. I'm sure this is not normal. On iPad Air 2 with latest ...

Midlife commented 5 days ago

Aged posts

by noradailey 6 days ago

I must be doing something wrong. I put "Rome" in the search and the first post that shows is ten years ago. I know th...

The Chowhound Team commented 6 days ago

Searching for posts by user name

by howler 3 months ago

i wanted to look up a post by melanie wong, so i went to my home page and typed in melanie wong in the search box. th...


Steve commented 8 days ago

Post Page Update

by The Chowhound Team 2 months ago

Hello everyone, Starting this evening you will notice two small differences on post pages: 1. We have rearrange...

The Chowhound Team commented 11 days ago

Ability to email threads?

by qwerty1 4 months ago

I admit I might be confusing this with another website, but I was pretty certain that on the previous iteration of CH...


hbg1 commented 13 days ago

Mobile View still not fixed (go to First Unread Post feature in a thread)

by LindaWhit 1 year ago

I rarely look at CH on my phone, but I did this morning. I see we are STILL unable to click the # of posts in th...

Caitlin McGrath commented 18 days ago

Suggested Posts Improvement

by The Chowhound Team 23 days ago

Hello everyone, We have improved the algorithm for the suggested posts—displayed after the comments—to present con...


masha commented 18 days ago

Please, please, please

by JoanN 18 days ago

Fix the bug that opens all posts in an older thread but keeps your own posts collapsed. It's been years now.

The Chowhound Team commented 18 days ago

Search Improvements

by The Chowhound Team 19 days ago

Hello everyone, We wanted to share with you a couple of improvements the team has made to the search feature. Star...

The Chowhound Team commented 18 days ago

Trouble Using Internet Explorer on CH

by zackly 19 days ago

When I try to access Chowhound using Internet Explorer, my default browser, the page opens up briefly then quickly c...


zackly commented 18 days ago

I can't start a new thread on my laptop (Apple)

by beetlebug 2 months ago

Mods - for some reason, I can't start a new thread on my laptop (Apple). I can do all the steps except for choosing a...

beetlebug commented 20 days ago

"Keep scrolling"--how to get rid of it?

by isabellacat 24 days ago

How do I get rid of this box? It's really annoying and it covers up the posts in the thread. Thanks.

The Chowhound Team commented 20 days ago

How do I reverse the comments from oldest to newest on an iPad?

by Bookwich 26 days ago

When I access Chowhound on iPad, thread comments are listed from oldest to newest. How do I jump to the most recent c...


Bookwich commented 23 days ago

Cannot retrieve newest and past comments.

by Charles Yu 24 days ago

Only posting from OP can be read from this posting:

The Chowhound Team commented 24 days ago

' Hole-in-wall ' - add title to 'community' due to global popularity

by Charles Yu 30 days ago

' Hole-in-the-wall ' eateries - This unique category does not fall into any current ' community ' category. Closest i...


Steve commented 27 days ago

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