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Please Report your Bugs Here

by marssy 24 days ago

When reporting a bug please make sure to include the following information: 1- Description 2- Steps that lead you...

hannaone commented about 3 hours ago

Site Difficulty

by arp29 about 19 hours ago

I have hung in there with the site's new format, but I am quickly considering cashing it in as CH is no longer servin...


DeborahL commented about 8 hours ago

Missing San Francisco Bay Area Tag - How many more like this?

by Melanie Wong 24 days ago

I just noticed that this thread is missing the San Francisco Bay Area tag. I know that it was on that board when it s...

smatbrat commented about 10 hours ago

New Chowhound Feedback 10.7

by The Chowhound Team 5 days ago

Hi everyone, We have some updates for you: today we launched an update to your personalized homepage feed with the...


sugartoof commented about 11 hours ago

Joined chowhound when?

by geminigirl 1 day ago

Is there a way in my profile to see when I joined. Thanks.

geminigirl commented about 11 hours ago


by Alan C about 17 hours ago

I have posted other comments to the atrocious "butcher job" that the new CH management has imposed upon us. As the W...


masha commented about 12 hours ago

Please fix the broken link problems associated with providing links to search results!

by masha 4 days ago

Especially because of the new format, there have been multiple posts where hounds are having trouble finding on-topic...


DeborahL commented about 13 hours ago

My Observations of the Problem with Chowhound

by Bkeats 15 days ago

Clearly the recent redesign of CH has been largely unpopular. Some have decided the changes are the final straw and h...

meatn3 commented about 16 hours ago

rss feed?

by beaulieu 2 days ago

does the new chowhound have an rss feed? I cannot find it.

kungful commented about 16 hours ago

How to reduce the geography for Restaurants & Bars in my main page?

by Midlife 1 day ago

One thing that I'm finding frustrating now is that my following of the Restaurants & Bars community means that I have...


masha commented about 19 hours ago

Ads yes, fake "sponsored" content no.

by lagatta 3 days ago

I know sites such as Chowhound have to run ads - if not we'd have to pay for content. But it is important to have a f...

Melanie Wong commented 1 day ago

A Classic Screw-Up.......!

by subal 1 day ago

Chow Hounds was once a great site. The people running it have ruined it by attempting to improve and fix an item tha...

omotosando commented 1 day ago

Hate the new site!

by synergy 4 days ago

I can't navigate it...can't find replies to posts...this is the worst update. It's so frustrating I will hardly visi...

Foody4life commented 1 day ago

Double U, Tee, Eff?

by vvv03 4 days ago

Good God what have they done with Chowhound? As if the original changes that happened with Leff handed them over wer...

T Long commented 2 days ago

If this doesn't make you slap your head...

by PoppiYYZ 3 days ago

From a recent article in the LA Times. "Die-hard ...

The Chowhound Team commented 3 days ago

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Tweaking tag names for Portland, ME and Portland, OR

by masha 3 days ago

This recent post on a thread discussing Portland, ME -- in which a hound recommended some restaurants in Portland, OR...

Enabling Cookies on iOS

by nannygoat 4 days ago

Why do I need to log in on my iPhone each time I open CH? Even if I check "remember me"? Never had to do that on the ...


nannygoat commented 3 days ago

What Does 'Philadelphia' Mean?

by ambrose 6 days ago

I may have missed this but has the definition of 'Philadelphia' changed since the redesign? As I recall, it used to ...

marssy commented 3 days ago

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