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Time for an After Action Report

by mc michael 28 minutes ago

It's been a while now. Surely, there is data to be mined at this point. Nosh alluded to some re LA's DOTM and the r...


masha commented 2 minutes ago

Is there a way to see recent posts anymore?

by sasha1 5 days ago

With the revamp, is there any way to see recent posts anymore (most recent regardless of board). The prior version's...


masha commented about 1 hour ago

Suggestion to CH

by Chimayo Joe 2 days ago

It's clear that the loss of so many of the prolific CH members has devastated the site. It's not only that the peop...

Breadcrumbs commented about 1 hour ago

Where has everyone gone?

by doced about 2 hours ago

Has everyone deserted this site or is the lack of postings due to the spiffy new upgrade?

Please Report your Bugs Here

by marssy 16 days ago

When reporting a bug please make sure to include the following information: 1- Description 2- Steps that lead you...


nannygoat commented about 2 hours ago

New Chowhound Feedback 9.30

by vipgeorges 4 days ago

Hi Chowhounds, Per your feedback, we’ve just released a new major update to our feeds that will require you to scr...


wincountrygirl commented about 3 hours ago

New format observations and criticisms

by AlexRast about 18 hours ago

At the risk of adding nothing to the existing clamour, I make some observations that may not have been made - althoug...

meatn3 commented about 16 hours ago

What do I have to do to create a new tag?

by sixelagogo 1 day ago

I'd like to create some tags for my location ( north jersey, bergen county) have submitted these as tags, but still n...

cwdonald commented 1 day ago

New Chowhound -- Big Picture

by nosh 5 days ago

On the Los Angeles board, Dish of the Month for September: Through September 9 -- 111 posts. After September 10...

marssy commented 1 day ago

How do I opt out of the "Follow One More Community" prompt?

by thomas64 10 days ago

I get this every time I log on. Is there a way to opt out of this annoying prompt? I end up hitting "Chow" on my favo...


Steve commented 2 days ago

Midwestern Reserve?

by My_Annoying_Opinions 16 days ago

Is this the only forum whose members aren't freaking out about the new look of Chowhound? Perhaps because I accidenta...


galewskj commented 2 days ago

CH moderators listen up

by slowcoooked 4 days ago

The new format has essentially blasted the life out of the Austin group

slowcoooked commented 2 days ago

newest replies

by PeggyH 18 days ago

I can't get to the newest replies on my LGG3 phone. How do you do it. Clicking on "New Comment" takes me to the fir...


PeggyH commented 3 days ago

My Observations of the Problem with Chowhound

by Bkeats 6 days ago

Clearly the recent redesign of CH has been largely unpopular. Some have decided the changes are the final straw and h...

mcf commented 3 days ago

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Condense printed format?

by esheato 3 days ago

I use your site almost exclusively to find recipes and print the ones I use and place them in a binder in the kitchen...

What does 503 mean?

by fryerlover 4 days ago

Hello, I'm currently using my phone to write this, however when I sign in from my usual computer, it shows the 503...


fryerlover commented 3 days ago

New Chowhound Feedback 9.25

by vipgeorges 9 days ago

Hi everyone, We released some changes based on your feedback yesterday. 1. Desktop Search updates - Starti...

marssy commented 4 days ago

Please update your profile with an email address

by Melanie Wong 5 days ago

It's not a field in the member profile. But it would be helpful if more of you would update your profiles with an ema...

marssy commented 4 days ago

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