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A spot for users to report technical issues, as well as make suggestions for new features they'd like to see on Chowhound.

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Suggestion to CH

by Chimayo Joe 1 day ago

It's clear that the loss of so many of the prolific CH members has devastated the site. It's not only that the peop...


sparky403 commented about 3 hours ago

New Chowhound Feedback 9.30

by vipgeorges 3 days ago

Hi Chowhounds, Per your feedback, we’ve just released a new major update to our feeds that will require you to scr...

DoctorChow commented about 4 hours ago

Please Report your Bugs Here

by marssy 15 days ago

When reporting a bug please make sure to include the following information: 1- Description 2- Steps that lead you...


macncheez commented about 5 hours ago

New format observations and criticisms

by AlexRast about 12 hours ago

At the risk of adding nothing to the existing clamour, I make some observations that may not have been made - althoug...

meatn3 commented about 10 hours ago

What do I have to do to create a new tag?

by sixelagogo 1 day ago

I'd like to create some tags for my location ( north jersey, bergen county) have submitted these as tags, but still n...

cwdonald commented about 19 hours ago

New Chowhound -- Big Picture

by nosh 5 days ago

On the Los Angeles board, Dish of the Month for September: Through September 9 -- 111 posts. After September 10...

marssy commented 1 day ago

How do I opt out of the "Follow One More Community" prompt?

by thomas64 10 days ago

I get this every time I log on. Is there a way to opt out of this annoying prompt? I end up hitting "Chow" on my favo...


Steve commented 1 day ago

Is there a way to see recent posts anymore?

by sasha1 4 days ago

With the revamp, is there any way to see recent posts anymore (most recent regardless of board). The prior version's...


masha commented 1 day ago

Midwestern Reserve?

by My_Annoying_Opinions 15 days ago

Is this the only forum whose members aren't freaking out about the new look of Chowhound? Perhaps because I accidenta...


galewskj commented 1 day ago

CH moderators listen up

by slowcoooked 3 days ago

The new format has essentially blasted the life out of the Austin group

slowcoooked commented 2 days ago

newest replies

by PeggyH 17 days ago

I can't get to the newest replies on my LGG3 phone. How do you do it. Clicking on "New Comment" takes me to the fir...


PeggyH commented 2 days ago

My Observations of the Problem with Chowhound

by Bkeats 6 days ago

Clearly the recent redesign of CH has been largely unpopular. Some have decided the changes are the final straw and h...

mcf commented 3 days ago

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Condense printed format?

by esheato 3 days ago

I use your site almost exclusively to find recipes and print the ones I use and place them in a binder in the kitchen...

What does 503 mean?

by fryerlover 4 days ago

Hello, I'm currently using my phone to write this, however when I sign in from my usual computer, it shows the 503...


fryerlover commented 3 days ago

New Chowhound Feedback 9.25

by vipgeorges 9 days ago

Hi everyone, We released some changes based on your feedback yesterday. 1. Desktop Search updates - Starti...

marssy commented 3 days ago

Please update your profile with an email address

by Melanie Wong 4 days ago

It's not a field in the member profile. But it would be helpful if more of you would update your profiles with an ema...

marssy commented 4 days ago

Coming Soon: Homepage Feed Updates

by patsully 9 days ago

Hey everyone, As Georges mentioned, we are lining up our next round of updates. Based on your feedback we’re focus...


Westminstress commented 4 days ago

Expanding discussions already read automatically double taps and goes directly to member profile

by sherrib 4 days ago

Ok, so I go into an old discussion. Let's say I want to expand one of the replies. I have to tap on the member name...

sherrib commented 4 days ago

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