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A spot for users to report technical issues, as well as make suggestions for new features they'd like to see on Chowhound.

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Severe keyboard lag on chowhound site?

by stockholm28 21 hours ago

Does anyone else experience severe keyboard lag when using the chowhound website. Before, I thought it was just occu...

OT: Hate new Chowhound format

by MartyB 5 months ago

Is it just me or does the new layout suck. The prior layout was more compact and by a simple glance I was able to see...


masha commented 23 hours ago

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Search forgets where you are

by turbowine 2 days ago

When I browse a particular forum, the first time I search, it only searches that forum (yay!). But if I want to go ...

What's in the Works?

by Chowrin 9 days ago

Hey Devs, I think it's rather obvious that nobody's posting anymore. Volume of posts decimated, nine times over, if y...

Melanie Wong commented 3 days ago

New Recipe Hub Page

by The Chowhound Team 4 days ago

Hi Chowhounds, We’re very excited to share the launch of a our new Recipe Hub. Our kitchen team has been hard at w...

MplsM ary commented 3 days ago

Threads Have to be Reloaded to Show Comments

by small h 11 days ago

The number of posts is displayed, but not the posts themselves. I also had to reload "new post" to get the "add photo...

marssy commented 5 days ago

Is there a way to set sort order preferences?

by danlind3 19 days ago

I would very much like to sort posts by date order, not the default 'discussion' order. I can tell who is responding...

marssy commented 5 days ago

Incessant pop up ads

by Melanie Wong 8 days ago

These two ads take over the screen repeatedly when I try to browse this site on mobile.


DeborahL commented 6 days ago

Logging in continuously

by LNG212 1 month ago

I've had to log in about six times over the last two days. I'm sure this is not normal. On iPad Air 2 with latest ...

DiningDiva commented 6 days ago

Floating banner.... Argggh!

by Midlife 22 days ago

Orange Chowhound banner drops down and covers text box so I can't see what I'm writing. Can't scroll out from underne...

marssy commented 7 days ago

Why does the Boston Chowhound board suck (and how do we fix it)?

by katzzz 1 month ago

I used to love Boston Chowhound and looked forward to reading it several times a day. And now it's become very very d...


brooklynsabra commented 12 days ago

Reply order?

by Midlife 15 days ago

I may just not be remembering correctly, but I thought that all replies are listed with latest first. For the past fe...

marssy commented 13 days ago

How to Search

by Wtg2Retire 17 days ago

I must be blind. I cannot find a button to conduct a search of the web site. Will someone be kind and advise me whe...

marssy commented 13 days ago

How to search for discussions/threads on topic

by Mamamule 13 days ago

The new website is difficult to use! (At least for me...) How do you search for threads or discussions of specific t...

marssy commented 13 days ago

Strongly dislike new site!

by pixellle 14 days ago

I much preferred the old site. It was easy, intuitive, and a great resource. It was easy to distinguish between pos...

The Chowhound Team commented 14 days ago

Chrome: Can no longer open previously read replies

by MplsM ary 17 days ago

Windows 10 up to date Chrome Version 48.0.2564.82 m (updated this afternoon) Cache cleared an hour ago I can no...


DeborahL commented 14 days ago

Sorry to be so dumb ...

by Fine 14 days ago

What, if anything, has replaced the old search box, where one could type a rest. name or a dish? Just came across a ...

marssy commented 14 days ago

New Chowhound Feedback 10.15

by The Chowhound Team 4 months ago

Hi everyone, This afternoon we added the ability to share a nicely formatted link at the bottom of any discussion....

hyperbowler commented 14 days ago

Unable to view my posts from my profile page

by EM23 16 days ago

Clicking on my posts takes me to the CH homepage. ETA: Chrome/ laptop

EM23 commented 15 days ago

Text Overlapping on Android

by jjjrfoodie 27 days ago

I think I have my new android dealing with it but my other 8 month old android current and bought new by me refuses t...

MplsM ary commented 19 days ago

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