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Goat cheese haters?

by HelloTiffy 9 years ago

Hi everyone, first time poster. I was just curious about how many members find goat cheese (or maybe another food) co...


2smart4u commented 3 days ago

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How to throw the ultimate wine-and-cheese party using the miracle of data

by Melanie Wong 3 days ago

"...Fortunately, a talented team of computer scientists and molecular geneticists have done all the research for you ...

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Count down to Christmas with your very own cheese Advent calendar

by Melanie Wong 4 days ago

For those who plan ahead, now accepting orders for December 2017.

What to do with goat "Parmesan?"

by bzookaj 5 days ago

I bought a wedge of goat cheese from a dairy. The person said it's similar to Parmesan. Should I just treat it the sa...

DonShirer commented 4 days ago

Reports on Ramini mozzarella di bufala?

by miss louella 2 years ago

Has anyone tried this? It's a relatively new ranch/creamery in Tomales ( ...


j mather commented 5 days ago

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Save Tranhumance, Save Traditional Swiss Cheese

by Melanie Wong 7 days ago

While I was familiar with the concept itself, I learned a new word today: Transhumance.

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Pennyroyal Farm | Cheese, Wine & Small Plates in Boonville

by Melanie Wong 8 days ago

Last stop on Satuday's visit to Anderson Valley was Pennyroyal Farm on our way south. The tasting room opened to the ...

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Galbani Bel Paese Cheese in Chicago

by ilikeeatingalot 9 days ago

Hi there, has anyone seen the little Bel Paese (Crema) cheese medallions by Galbani at any stores in Chicago? I've fo...

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2016 World Cheese Awards

by Melanie Wong 11 days ago

The 2016 Champion of Champions cheese is Kraftkar, made by Norwegian producer Tingvollost. Judge Nick Tsioros, owne...

Cruelty Free Organic Cheeses

by phelana 7 years ago

I am a vegetarian eating dairy. Is there a cheese company that is cruelty free and organic please?


mellovesanimals commented 17 days ago

Cruelty-free Cheeses in Ontario

by allykins 20 days ago

I am a resident of Brampton, Ontario, Canada... I have recently become a vegetarian but have been trying no...

Midlife commented 20 days ago

Which of these Cabot Cheddar cheeses is the sharpest?

by helou 4 years ago

I was at Sam's Club today and they have the following cheeses, all "Premium Naturally Aged Cheddar" and all the same ...


bstnh1 commented 22 days ago

Rapture Cheese from Lazy Lady Farm, VT

by Limster 10 years ago

A soft cow's milk cheese, very chalky, dense pate with a nuanced animal pungence and an aura of nuttiness. Worth gett...


MARISSAY commented 23 days ago

Cream Cheese-Is there a World Beyond Philadelphia Brand?

by pepper anne 10 years ago

Can someone out there in CH land fill me in on the secrets of Cream Cheese? I've eaten Kraft since small, but I sense...


bmorecupcake commented 27 days ago

Simply Cream Cheese

by bmorecupcake 11 months ago

You must tell me please. Cream cheese, about the cream cheese. I've switched to goat cheese and for many recipes it ...


bmorecupcake commented 27 days ago

White American Cheese - Boars Head or Land O' Lakes

by Woof Woof Woof 7 years ago

I am muchly over that American that comes in plastic rather buying strictly at the Deli now. But curious as to which ...


Zenna6 commented 28 days ago

Where can i get Oaxacan cheese?

by tkm616 7 years ago

Everytime i'm in a grocery store or cheese shop, i stop by to see if they have oaxacan cheese but i only see the norm...


RandyPan commented 1 month ago

Drying/Dehydrating Paneer

by rw71457 1 month ago

Does anyone know if Paneer can be dried or dehydrated for longer storage?

Melanie Wong commented 1 month ago

Green Mountain Farms Greek Cream Cheese

by wonderwoman 3 years ago

just found out about this from the ny times. has anyone tried it?


pidgiesgirl commented 1 month ago

What kind of cheese can I substitute for gruyere?

by Kristine 10 years ago

I want to make Ina Garten's Spinach Gratin. It calls For 1 cup parmesan as well as 1/2 cup gruyere, but the husband ...


MlelNorman commented 2 months ago

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