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Pliny the Younger

by LarzKe 10 days ago

I am hoping someone can give me some insight on the wait time time at Russian River on a weekday. I have read it can ...

Cynsa commented 9 days ago

Beer, Cider, & Sake Be the first to comment

Shipping Vander Mill cider to AZ?

by claurena 1 month ago

My sister loves Vander Mill cider (from Michigan) but recently moved to Arizona. Her birthday is soon. We really want...

Buying Shochu in Phoenix

by mwolfson 2 months ago

Does anyone know if any liquor stores in Phoenix stock Shochu. Visiting family for a couple weeks and would love to g...

johnseberg commented 2 months ago

AB-InBev_SAB/Miller?? Yipes!

by The Professor 5 months ago

This is a truly bizarre development:

Josh commented 2 months ago

Looking for Wakatake Onikoroshi Sake

by walkie74 2 months ago

Hey folks, I'm trying to find a bottle of the stuff as a Christmas present (yes, I could order it online, but I d...

vincentlo commented 2 months ago

Bass Ale - The Horror

by DocHolliday 4 years ago

I picked up a 12-pack of Bass Ale this weekend after a having gone quite a while without buying any for whatever reas...


VonMagnum commented 2 months ago

Guinness makes me

by masha bousha 2 months ago

I've found that the morning after I have a few pints of Guinness I am very stuffy and have a runny nose. Does this h...

Insidious Rex commented 2 months ago

Best Beer Sources - Downtown Brooklyn

by jen kalb 3 months ago

some of the better beer sellers in the Park Slope area have closed recently - looking for recommendations of places t...

bobjbkln commented 2 months ago

Opinion needed: Quebec beer for Carbonnade Flamande

by CaptCrunch 3 months ago

Greetings gentlemen! I am working on a carbonnade flamande project for friends this weekend and I thought of using...


QueenOfHop commented 2 months ago

Serving raclette, what beer would you suggest?

by fern 8 years ago

We always drink wine with raclette but I want to serve beer this time, too. It always seems like beer could tast...


QueenOfHop commented 2 months ago

Beer low in Gluten/Gluten light?

by Hershey Bomar 7 years ago

I'm not allergic to gluten but I'm pretty intolerant. I also love beer. I've noticed that Heineken doesn't (seem ...


Dogbite Williams commented 2 months ago

MillerCoors sued for marketing Blue Moon as craft

by Insidious Rex 10 months ago Not sure how I ...

The Professor commented 3 months ago

Why does beer make me sleepy?

by AnneInMpls 9 years ago

Whenever I drink a beer, I get so sleepy that I can barely keep my eyes open. Is it the hops? It can't be the just ...

Insidious Rex commented 3 months ago

New, Vegetarian-Friendly Brewing Process for Guinness

by patsully 3 months ago

It's been funny to see the various reactions to this story, as many were unaware that Guinness was not already vegeta...


ratgirlagogo commented 3 months ago

Miller High Life Pony in LA

by rimbaudhotel 4 months ago

Where can I purchase the little 7oz Miller High Life "pony" bottles in LA?


SP1 commented 3 months ago

Flying to Portland Tomorrow-Still need BEER rec!

by Lotus7 4 months ago

Hi there-I received awesome restaurant recs fro Chowhounders. My last request (I think : ) is if you could recommend...

grayelf commented 4 months ago

Am I getting the craft beer I ordered?

by gutreactions 4 months ago

With all the specialty beers around today, how do you know? The other day I was in a new local tavern that prides its...

Insidious Rex commented 4 months ago

This is why some people oppose the buyout trend

by Josh 5 months ago

Interesting read from Seattle Met magazine. I think it's very even-handed, as you see the different sides of corporat...

The Professor commented 4 months ago


by Drew E 9 years ago

Twenty years ago I was able to get a Canadian beer called Brador. I drank it once in just over the bridge from Buffal...


HoakieBS commented 5 months ago

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