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This is why some people oppose the buyout trend

by Josh 6 days ago

Interesting read from Seattle Met magazine. I think it's very even-handed, as you see the different sides of corporat...

The Professor commented 2 days ago

AB-InBev_SAB/Miller?? Yipes!

by The Professor 17 days ago

This is a truly bizarre development:

Bob Martinez commented 12 days ago


by Drew E about 9 years ago

Twenty years ago I was able to get a Canadian beer called Brador. I drank it once in just over the bridge from Buffal...


HoakieBS commented 18 days ago

Another one gone

by Josh 22 days ago Only two years old, too. On...

The Professor commented 19 days ago

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Are Cask Beers Worth the Fuss?

Danish festival recycles urine to make beer

by zin1953 3 months ago

"The Roskilde festival in Denmark is hoping to collect 25,000 litres of “waste liquid” this year which will be “beerc...

Insidious Rex commented 26 days ago

I want to enjoy beer, but I don't. Can you help me?

by sockii over 4 years ago

So here is my quandary. I want to like beer. I really do. I enjoy almost all other alcoholic beverages and spirits...

Insidious Rex commented 26 days ago

Belgian beer for Carbonnade à la Flamande

by charlesbois over 3 years ago

I've done a little hunting for this topic, but haven't really seen anything come up. Anyone have a favorite brown al...


JohnnyLekker commented about 1 month ago

Tasting 3 Root Beers

by TombstoneShadow about 2 months ago

Have been enjoying the new wave of alcoholic root beers for awhile. Results of recent tasting: Root Sellers Hard ...


SP1 commented about 1 month ago

Pabst Blue Ribbon... quality vs. quantity Question for Beer Drinkers

by jrvedivici over 1 year ago

Let me preface my question with the fact I am NOT a beer drinker. On average I probably drink 10 beers a year and tha...

TroyTempest commented about 1 month ago

Let the cash grab commence

by Josh about 2 months ago

Pretty disappointing to see this, I have to say.

MOREKASHA commented about 1 month ago

Help a beer novice out

by Googs about 2 months ago

Gigi loves pale lagers (if that's the correct term). What are the best Ontario-made versions?


yippy commented about 2 months ago

Thieves steal 1,000 beer bottle caps

by zin1953 about 2 months ago

"Police are appealing for witnesses after a strange theft saw over 1,000 beer bottle caps stolen, but the beer in the...

Jim Dorsch commented about 2 months ago

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Not So Soft Drink: Brewers Add Booze to Root Beer

Looking for a good, quality beer that has low IBU (low bitterness)

by LeoNYC almost 5 years ago

I would love to find a regular, good quality beer like Sam Adams Boston Lager, but that one that is not as bitter as ...


themostinterestingman commented about 2 months ago

Cry Me A River (of Beer)

by kaleokahu 2 months ago


brentk commented about 2 months ago

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Why you should never show off . . .

by zin1953 about 2 months ago

It was quite impressive while it lasted . . .

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