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Best Beer Sources - Downtown Brooklyn

by jen kalb 16 hours ago

some of the better beer sellers in the Park Slope area have closed recently - looking for recommendations of places t...


rschwim commented 2 hours ago

Opinion needed: Quebec beer for Carbonnade Flamande

by CaptCrunch 18 days ago

Greetings gentlemen! I am working on a carbonnade flamande project for friends this weekend and I thought of using...


CaptCrunch commented 10 days ago

Beer low in Gluten/Gluten light?

by Hershey Bomar 7 years ago

I'm not allergic to gluten but I'm pretty intolerant. I also love beer. I've noticed that Heineken doesn't (seem ...


billyjobobfred commented 11 days ago

MillerCoors sued for marketing Blue Moon as craft

by Insidious Rex 7 months ago Not sure how I ...

The Professor commented 17 days ago

Why does beer make me sleepy?

by AnneInMpls 9 years ago

Whenever I drink a beer, I get so sleepy that I can barely keep my eyes open. Is it the hops? It can't be the just ...

Insidious Rex commented 19 days ago

New, Vegetarian-Friendly Brewing Process for Guinness

by patsully 25 days ago

It's been funny to see the various reactions to this story, as many were unaware that Guinness was not already vegeta...


ratgirlagogo commented 20 days ago

Miller High Life Pony in LA

by rimbaudhotel 28 days ago

Where can I purchase the little 7oz Miller High Life "pony" bottles in LA?


SP1 commented 26 days ago

AB-InBev_SAB/Miller?? Yipes!

by The Professor 2 months ago

This is a truly bizarre development:

cwdonald commented 1 month ago

Flying to Portland Tomorrow-Still need BEER rec!

by Lotus7 2 months ago

Hi there-I received awesome restaurant recs fro Chowhounders. My last request (I think : ) is if you could recommend...

grayelf commented 1 month ago

Am I getting the craft beer I ordered?

by gutreactions 1 month ago

With all the specialty beers around today, how do you know? The other day I was in a new local tavern that prides its...

Insidious Rex commented 1 month ago

This is why some people oppose the buyout trend

by Josh 2 months ago

Interesting read from Seattle Met magazine. I think it's very even-handed, as you see the different sides of corporat...

The Professor commented 2 months ago


by Drew E 9 years ago

Twenty years ago I was able to get a Canadian beer called Brador. I drank it once in just over the bridge from Buffal...


HoakieBS commented 2 months ago

Another one gone

by Josh 3 months ago Only two years old, too. On...

The Professor commented 2 months ago

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Are Cask Beers Worth the Fuss?

Danish festival recycles urine to make beer

by zin1953 5 months ago

"The Roskilde festival in Denmark is hoping to collect 25,000 litres of “waste liquid” this year which will be “beerc...

Insidious Rex commented 3 months ago

I want to enjoy beer, but I don't. Can you help me?

by sockii 5 years ago

So here is my quandary. I want to like beer. I really do. I enjoy almost all other alcoholic beverages and spirits...

Insidious Rex commented 3 months ago

Belgian beer for Carbonnade à la Flamande

by charlesbois 3 years ago

I've done a little hunting for this topic, but haven't really seen anything come up. Anyone have a favorite brown al...


JohnnyLekker commented 3 months ago

Tasting 3 Root Beers

by TombstoneShadow 4 months ago

Have been enjoying the new wave of alcoholic root beers for awhile. Results of recent tasting: Root Sellers Hard ...


SP1 commented 3 months ago

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